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Dark Wizard (Dark Wizard: Yomigaerishi Yami no Madoushi) was an RPG developed for the Sega CD system that featured long anime-based cutscenes to develop the story. The gameplay took place on a hex-map, and featured turn-based tactical battle scenes. You played as your choice of 1 of 4 playable characters, each with their own attributes, abilities, and available units.

Main characters[]

Armer IX is the son and heir to the throne of King Armer VIII.

  • In the instruction manual, the prince is simply referred to as Armer, and the king is named King Wynrick VIII.

Robin is known throughout the land as the finest warrior in Cheshire and has pledged her life to defend it.

Amon is a vampire and the ruler of Cheshire's undead. He disguises himself as the King in order to command the army.

Krystal is an enchantress tricked by Velonese to do his work for him.


300 years ago, the high priest of the Kingdom of Cheshire tried to disturb the balance of good and evil by summoning the dark god Arliman. Sabrina, Goddess of Light, saved the Kingdom by giving great powers to two of Cheshire's leaders who defeated the high priest and helped the King's high wizard, Gilliam, to entrap Arliman in a magical jewel. One of these two leaders, the lovely Armer, became ruler of Cheshire, succeeding the previous king, and establishing a bloodline as that which would carry through to King Armer VIII at the game's beginning.

Following the events of Arliman's capture, Velonese, the high wizard's top apprentice, was discovered to have been practicing forbidden spells. As punishment, the spell of immortality was cast upon Velonese, and he was given the task of guarding the imprisoned Arliman for eternity on the Island of Raven. Over the years, the essence of Arliman permeated from the jewel, corrupting Velonese and transforming him into the Dark Wizard. His anger towards Gilliam and the kingdom of Cheshire grew, and he used his knowledge of forbidden spells to summon four demon generals to conquer Cheshire while he attempted to free the dark god Arliman.

You take on the role of one of four playable main characters and must re-conquer the land that has already fallen into Velonese's hands and find a way to defeat him and prevent Arliman's resurrection. The four main characters feature largely different stories, however, every game begins with the King's death and your character becoming the new ruler of Cheshire. There is no canonical link between the four characters and their stories, and Armer IX, while seemingly the rightful heir, does not appear to exist in the other three scenarios.


Each of the four main characters have two unique recruitable subcharacters. Certain conditions must be met before they join.

  • Armer gets Marie, a mage, and Dianna, a warrior who is secretly in love with Armer.
  • Robin gets Kail, an elderly sage, and David, her swordsman love interest.
  • Krystal gets Marcus, who is hunting for a sword called Traeger, and Katrina, a priestess.
  • Amon gets Susan, a mage, and Andrew, a vampire-slayer.

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