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Mass Effect 3[]

Admiral David Edward Anderson is a career military officer in the Systems Alliance Navy. Born in London in 2137, he later moved to Arcturus Station and became the first graduate of the Alliance's now-renowned N7 marine program. Anderson is one of the Alliance's most decorated Special Forces operatives and served with honor during the First Contact War. He was the original captain of the SSV Normandy before relinquishing command to his XO, Commander Shepard.

After the Alliance victory in the Battle of the Citadel, Anderson briefly served as the Citadel's first human councilor. He soon became embroiled in a Cerberus ploy to abduct his friend Kahlee Sanders, however, and learned that he was unable to live a life without action. He stepped down as councilor and returned to the military to prepare for the Reaper invasion. The Alliance Parliament named Donnel Udina as his successor.