Dealer's Life 2

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Dealer's Life 2
Dealer's Life 2.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
Abyte Entertainment
Abyte Entertainment
Microsoft Windows
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
December 162020
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Dealer's Life 2 is the sequel to Dealer's Life and a capitalist trading game developed and published Abyte Entertainment on Steam on December 16, 2020. This game is about running a pawn shop and trading items without the risk of being homeless.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player starts in a rundown shack and then they could eventually build up their business by negotiating with customers, hiring employees and partaking in auctions. However, scammers can try to take advantage of the player with counterfeit items. Each customer behaves differently during negotiations according to their different psychological traits so the player will have to know how to treat the customer and what dealership they want.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • A large amount of items to buy and sell with fake and counterfeit items to avoid
  • Infinite customers to haggle with, each with their own personality and appearance
  • The ability to hire employees to help in the job, including experts, restorers, profilers, analysts, clerks and many others.
  • Auctions, which can do the selling faster.
  • Lots of references and quotes to other video games and movies.