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Story: bambo once again has to take down the stupid hunters for him to gain any peace and quiet!

the cave: this is pretty much where you do everything!

weapons:same as deer avenger 3D, you have to unlock the weapons!

starting weapon: beretta .45 (hank has this weapon)

roxy: .357 magnum

el nacho: .376 magnum

travis: mostly wooden rifle

daisy: black rifle

sir winston: all wooden rifle

moose: camouflaged shotgun

bubba: tactical shotgun

snake: uzi machine pistol

the general: M-16 assault rifle

agent x: MP5 submachine gun

trophy wall: shows all of the hunters skill levels, a list of hunting areas and how many times you have killed them in each hunting area

movie watching screen: in this, you can watch all of the movies from the other three games and this one

these are the movies you can watch: da4 credits da4 intro movie da1 intro movie da2 intro movie da2 ending movie da3 intro movie da4 ending movie da2 suitable alternative movie (in da2, after a disclaimer, you can choose to play the game or do a suitable alternative which is the movie mentioned above, which is an endless loop video of pink elephants flying)

hunting areas: unlike the other 3 games, in this game, you have to unlock the hunting areas

Idaho: the starting hunting area, this area is a pure forest area with a couple of boulders around and a river running through the center of the area

Pennsylvania: the first area you unlock, this area is a trailer park with a couple of trees at the back of the area but mostly all of the area is saturated with trailers

wisconsin: the second area you unlock, most of the area is covered with frozen hills and a couple of small forested areas, there is also a frozen river inbeetween two of the big hills and a huge frozen lake with a bridge and farm at the northeast corner of it

West Virginia: the third and final area that you unlock, this area is the largest of the four hunting areas, this is a detailed description of what it looks like:

at the middle of the area there is a small spot of treeless land that you start out in, south of your location is a forested area that is almost the same size as the whole Idaho hunting area, west of your location is a bridge going over a river to a small house and another tiny river leading to the northwestern part of the area which is a small lake and a couple of hills that lead to a huge valley if you look to the north and if you look to the east and keep going and circle around a giant hill that is connected to the area that has the small house, you will end up at the small treeless area that you start out at and if you turn to the left and keep going, to the right is the forested area that is the size of the Idaho hunting area and to the left is another hill that is across from the big hill connected to the small house and if you keep going, you will see a big road next to the forested area and it goes from there all the way though a big treeless plain area and keeps going until it stops at the edge of the valley and at the northern area that is south of the valley, is a big farmhouse and a mill and a fence surrounding most of it

the keys:

F1: the magnet fart: this lures the hunters to your location

F2: the tracking fart: this helps you find the hunters location

F3: the bomb fart: this does damage to the hunters

F4: the booster fart: this gives you a rocket boost through the hunting area

F5: the pile of leaves: this is only if you are near a pile of leaves that you can hide in by pressing F5

F6: the GPS locator: use this key if you have one of the two GPS locators so you can find the hunters more easily and so you don't have to find a tracking fart

F7: the bag of lures: use this so you can lure the hunters to the location of the lure so you can surprise attack them and so you don't have to find the magnet fart

F8: the calls: use these so the hunters can appear

skill points: you get skill points every time you kill a hunter and you can upgrade yourself to a thirty point maximum in four different categories:

accuracy speed endurance fart power

you can kill more than one hunter in da4, you can kill up to four hunters, and depending on how many hunters you kill is how many skill points you get

one hunter: 1 skill point two hunters: 3 skill points three hunters: 6 skill points four hunters: 9 skill points

CAUTION: every time you kill a hunter, you can choose to go back to the cave and keep your skill points or risk it and try to get more but be careful because if you get killed after you get a lot of skill points, you will restart and you will lose all of your skill points! bummer! that also happens if you kill a hunter with a weapon you don't have yet or if you find a new scope or GPS locator and the next hunter kills you

unlockables: once you kill all 12 hunters, you will get these unlockables, the SUV and super hard mode!