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Demon Front (traditional Chinese: 魔域戰線Template:; pinyin: Móyù Zhànxiàn) is a side-scrolling run and gun arcade game released in 2002 by IGS. It is considered by some to be a ripoff of Metal Slug for sharing similar characteristics.


The gameplay is similar to other run and gun games but with one unique feature. Each of the four characters brings along a pet, which can be sent to attack enemies or used as a shield. There are three buttons: Shoot, jump, and shield. Holding the shoot button charges your pet, and when released the pet launches a stationary devastating attack for a few seconds. The shield button converts the pet into a shield that is permanent - until you press the button again or it takes enough damage to disappear. Melee attacks and pet attacks release hearts which boost your shield power.



  • Born place: Earth
  • Age: 25
  • Blood: A
  • Height: 178 CM
  • Weight: 72 KG
  • Pet: Rage
  • Pet attack type: Middle distance attack and protect


  • Born place: Earth
  • Age: 21
  • Blood: O
  • Height: 165 CM
  • Weight: 49 KG
  • Pet: Bunny
  • Pet attack type: Long distance following up

Dr. J[]

  • Born place: Loukai
  • Age: 38
  • Blood: AB
  • Height: 172 CM
  • Weight: 72 KG
  • Pet: Chip
  • Pet attack type: Close distance protect


  • Born place: Amdums
  • Age: 19
  • Blood: B
  • Height: 180 CM
  • Weight: 81 KG
  • Pet: Filp
  • Pet attack type: Middle distance spread

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