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Destruction Derby (series)
Basic Information
Ubisoft Reflection, Studio 33
Psygnosis, Sony Computer Entertainment, Midway Games, Gathering of Developers
PlayStation, Saturn, DOS and PlayStation 2

The Destruction Derby series (often shortened as DD-Series) is a video game series. Their publishers are: Studio 33, Psygnosis, THQ, and Reflections Interactive.

Their first release was Destruction Derby in 1995.

Destruction Derby[]

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Destruction Derby is a 1995 video game developed by Reflections and published by Psygnosis, the former of which would later develop the successful Driver series. It was released for PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and MS-DOS (PC). Based around the real-life sport of demolition derby driving, the game involves wrecking other cars for points, or driving a simple stock car race around one of five tracks. Though simplistic in its aims, the game achieved popularity and was one of the first games to achieve platinum sales on the PlayStation console.[citation needed] The game was given a name change just two months prior to its release on October, 1995. It was originally called Demolish 'em Derby [1]

The popularity of the game resulted in a 1996 follow-up, Destruction Derby 2, released for PlayStation and MS-DOS, 1999's Destruction Derby 64 for Nintendo 64, 2000's Destruction Derby 3 for PlayStation, 2000's Destruction Derby Raw for PlayStation, and 2004's Destruction Derby Arenas for PlayStation 2. The games in the Destruction Derby series have led to several attempts by other companies to recreate their success, such as Demolition Racer by The Pitbull Syndicate (later to become Midway Studios Newcastle), and Bugbear Entertainment's FlatOut series. The game is currently available on the PlayStation Network for PSP download.

Destruction Derby 2[]

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Destruction Derby 2 is a game released in 1996 for the PlayStation and PC, developed by Reflections Interactive. A version for the Sega Saturn was also planned and developed, but never released.

Destruction Derby 2 is the sequel to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and PC title, Destruction Derby. Here the player must race on up to seven different circuits, in a range of modes, similar to its predecessor. The modes are Wrecking Racing (where the player must destroy or spin the other competitors), Stock Car (a typical race where it's 1st to the flag) and Destruction Derby, which is based around the crash arenas (more below). Commentator Paul Page performed as the announcer, shouting small phrases during moments of impact, such as; "Yeah!!" and "Go easy on the paintwork!" etc. Destruction Derby 2 was added to the PlayStation Platinum range in 1997. Originally the game was released in a double-CD cover (even though the game was only on one CD), but the platinum range version was released in an ordinary PlayStation cover.

Destruction Derby 64[]

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Destruction Derby 64 is the Nintendo 64 version of the PlayStation game Destruction Derby, which is based on the real life sport of demolition derby. It is graphically and technically superior to its PlayStation counterpart, with more cars, brighter and more detailed graphics, and expanded crash damage graphics, including the hoods and trunks of cars flying off in hard collisions.

The cars that the player starts out with are rather basic generic saloons painted up for racing and smashing. As the game progresses through the championships, the player is awarded bonus vehicles, such as a black Hot rod with flames and a blue Ford Mustang GT hybrid called the 'Blue Demon'.

Destruction Derby Raw[]

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Destruction Derby Raw is a game for the PlayStation and is the Fifth installment of the DD-Series. It developed by Studio 33 and was first released in 2000.

The game was released after Destruction Derby 2, although Destruction Derby 3 and Destruction Derby 64 doesn't always count in the series, because they are "extra" games of the series.

Destruction Derby Raw is sometimes shortened as DDRaw.

Unlike other racing games, in this game (in fact, all the games in the DD-Series), players need to demolition, this means that they have to make destruction, by slamming their car on others and damage each other's cars. Here the player must race on different circuits, in a range of modes similar to its predecessor. It was the last of the PlayStation Destruction Derbies, before its PS2 successor Destruction Derby Arenas.

Destruction Derby Arenas[]

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Destruction Derby Arenas is a video game for the PlayStation 2. It was developed by Studio 33 and published by Gathering of Developers. It was released on April 1, 2004, and is part of the Destruction Derby series. The game is notable for being one of the first PS2 games that allowed online play. Whilst it was the first title of the Destruction Derby series released for the PS2, the game was met with generally low reception in comparison to its predecessors, due to its deviation of realism and reliance on a more cartoonish tone. It was therefore the last game of the Destruction Derby series, but the car crashing genre still continued with the likes of Flatout, which arguably could be the spiritual successor of Destruction Derby.

Minor characters[]

Bob Blackwell - Owner of the Black Fire Racing Team.

Lyle Bradshaw - Jana’s source of racing inspiration, died in a racing accident against Red Widow.

Chanice - A gold-digger and Dravid’s current girlfriend.


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