Destruction Derby 64

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Destruction Derby 64 is an Nintendo 64 exclusive with up to four person Multiplayer. Now that I've listed all the information that can be found out by looking at the box art, lets get into the specifics.

DD64 is an altered port of the PlayStation game, Destruction Derby. You have 12 smashable vehicles to choose from, which will be destroyed in over 12 different arenas. Twelve is a great number. To make the smashing more fun, you can play with friend(s) in Capture the Flag modes and more.

The game isn't all destruction. You've also got the ability to race with destruction as a side effect. Races start off catastrophic, as people are racing at different points in different directions. So imagine racing into oncoming traffic. Why, it's like a Destruction Derby! Precisely. In races, there are no laps or goals, just destroy everyone else and get to checkpoints fast.