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A large variety of polyhedral dice can be found in both role-playing and tabletop gaming games.

Dice notation[]

In gaming rulebooks and documents, dice are usually referred to as d followed by the number of sides on the die. So d6 is shorthand for a common six-sided die. Often, another number is placed before the d to indicate how many dice are to be thrown. So 2d6 means two six-sided dice should be thrown and their results totalled. 3d6+3 means to roll three six-sided dice and add three to the result.

Many computer games use virtual implementations of physical dice rolls behind the scenes to determine the outcome of an action.

Standard die variations[]

Commonly used numbered dice include d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100. The d100, or percentile dice, is often simulated by throwing two ten-side dice after specifying which die represents which digit.

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