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You may also be looking for the Genesis/Master System release of this game.

Dick Tracy is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. The game is based on the movie adapted from the comic strip of the same name.

Though based on the movie, the picture of Breathless that appears in this game is modelled more after her original comic strip appearance than that of Madonna's likeness.


You take control of Dick Tracy as he fights his way through a number of cases, searching for clues and fighting thugs and adversaries in his mission to take down Big Boy, who has escaped from prison and is trying to reclaim his crime rackets. Tracy can shoot the armed bad guys with his own trusty firearm. However, shooting an unarmed criminal will result in a penalty, so he has to be careful with his shots. There are several weapons scattered throughout each level will make things easier, including a Tommy gun and tear gas.