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Die Hard Arcade is the licensed North American, European and Australian version of the Japanese videogame Dynamite Deka (ダイナマイト刑事?). The game is a beat 'em up with loose ties to the Die Hard movie series of the same name.

However, other than the title, the building and the fact that the hero (named Bruno Delinger in the Japanese version) resembled John McClane, the game and the movie have little to do with each other (in fact, the license was purchased when the game was essentially complete for the American and European releases). It is a 1 or 2 player game in which the male and/or female characters fight through action-packed levels to save the President's daughter from a band of terrorists.


The game sees players fighting their way through waves of enemies, using their fists, feet, and a variety of weapons, from household items such as brooms to high-damage anti-tank cannons. Players progress through the requisite enemies and bosses with cut scenes interspersed into the action. Various cut scenes in the game contain Quick Time Event sequences, in which the player must press a particular button within a short time limit to alter the impending scene e.g., defeating an enemy or group of enemies in the sequence so that the player will not have to then engage them in combat.

At the end of the game if both players are still alive, the gameplay will change to that of a fighting game, where the two players will fight each other on the rooftop of the skyscraper to gain the sole appreciation of the President's daughter.

The game also features an emulated port of Sega's 1979 arcade game Deep Scan, which can be used to gain extra credits.


The game was created by Sega, using a team up of the successful Japanese AM1 (Arcade Machine 1, also known as WoW Entertainment) group and the US-based Sega Technical Institute (STI), which developed in collaboration with Sonic Team some of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games following the original, to create this game. AM1 provided the engineering, and some of the design and art, and STI provided art, design and animation. Incidentally, Die Hard Arcade was also the final game developed by STI before the studio was dissolved.

The game was created simultaneously for the Titan Arcade system and Sega Saturn but the home version was released later.

The Japanese version of Die Hard Arcade, Dynamite Deka, was followed by a sequel titled Dynamite Deka 2 for the arcade and Dreamcast. The sequel was released internationally as Dynamite Cop. As with Dynamite Deka's resemblance to the movie, Die Hard, Dynamite Cop bore a striking similarity to the film, Speed 2: Cruise Control.

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