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Dirt Track Racing:Sprint Cars (DTRSC)
Developer(s) Ratbag Games
Publisher(s) Publisher Missing
Designer David Hewitt
Engine Difference Engine II
status Status Missing
Release date October 19, 2000 (NA)
Genre Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Media Missing
Input Inputs Missing
Requirements Requirements Missing
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Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars is a sprint car racing video game by the now defunct Ratbag Games. It is the second game of the dirt track racing series by Ratbag, which includes Dirt Track Racing (DTR), Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars, and Dirt Track Racing 2 (DTR2).


Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars, or DTRSC for short, was one of the first authentic sprint car, dirt track racing simulations in the video game market.

Game modes[]



In the Career Mode, players race through their careers, earning money to upgrade their cars. Success brings more money, and sponsors, which help pay the bills. Unlike in most other racing games a player can enter any division of racing he or she chooses. Obviously the higher the series the stronger the competition so a player in the first or second season won't usually advance beyond the B-Main in the top flight of Sprint Car Racing. the only restrictions being only one race can be entered per weekend and the track selected being within an unlocked distance from a racer's garage.

Quick Action[]

In the Quick Action Mode, players race against computer artificial intelligence (AI) players in regular races consisting of heats and features in short mode, or full racing programs consisting of hot laps, qualifying, heats, semi-features (B-, C-, D-Mains), and features (A-Mains).


In Multiplayer Mode, players can race other players from all over the world via GameSpy Client-Servers.

Race vehicles[]

Players can choose from 4 different "410" Sprint cars, or one of 16 real World of Outlaws sprint car drivers.

410 sprint cars[]

410 Sprint Car 410 Sprint Car
Ferkel Green
Hubgarner Merrill

World of Outlaws drivers[]

Name Number Name Number
Dale Blaney 93 Jac Haudenschild 22
Mark Kinser 5M Danny Lasoski 83
Steve Kinser 11 Steve Smith 19
Sammy Swindell 1 Jeff Swindell 104+
Johnny Herrera 20 Donny Schatz 15
Tim Shaffer 11H Andy Hillenburg 2
Dean Jacobs 8H Tyler Walker 10
Bill Wilburn 0 Brooke Tatnell 6


  • Note: All of the tracks depicted in the game are real-life tracks.
Track Name Track Length Track "Location" Track Name Track Length Track "Location"
Dodge County Speedway 1/2 Mile Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Eagle Raceway 3/4 Mile Lincoln, Nebraska
Eldora Speedway 1/2 Mile Rossburg, Ohio Gas City I-69 Speedway 1/2 Mile Gas City, Indiana
Hagerstown Speedway 1/2 Mile Hagerstown, Maryland Huset's Speedway 3/4 Mile Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Knoxville Raceway 1/2 Mile Knoxville, Iowa Kokomo Speedway 1/4 Mile Kokomo, Indiana
Lernerville Speedway 1/2 Mile Sarver, Pennsylvania Lincoln Speedway 1/2 Mile Abbotstown, Pennsylvania
Manzanita Speedway 1/4 Mile Phoenix, Arizona Muskogee Speedway 1/2 Mile Muskogee, Oklahoma
Pike County Speedway 3/4 Mile Magnolia, Mississippi Santa Maria Speedway 1/2 Mile Santa Maria, California
Silver Dollar Speedway 1/4 Mile Chico, California Southern Oregon Speedway 4/9 Mile Medford, Oregon
Talladega Short Track 3/8 Mile Talladega, Alabama Terre Haute Action Track 1/2 Mile Terre Haute, Indiana
Wayne County Speedway 3/8 Mile Orrville, Ohio Williams Grove Speedway 1/2 Mile Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Movie maker[]

Software included in Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars allows for the exporting of video clips of game action in AVI format. This is the first game in the Ratbag DTR franchise that allows movies to be exported from the game.

Unsupported features[]

One of the most used unsupported features is the ability for users to create skins, cars, and tracks easily with outside software. Some players have even found software that allows them to change the .DE2 files to create entirely new cars and tracks, instead of just renaming existing cars.

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