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Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu (怒首領蜂 大復活 - lit. Angry Leader Bee Great Resurrection?) is the fifth arcade game in Cave's DonPachi series.

The game was publicly unveiled at AOU2008 Amusement EXPO.


After the turmoil caused by the machines' assault on Lunapolis (as depicted in the previous installment), peace seems to have been restored, with the legendary DonPachi Corps retreating to its HQ in a space-time fold. Six years later, anomalies are detected in the space-time fabric, yet tests reveal nothing out of order, with the portals regularly functioning for both teleportation and time travel; also, the leader of the DonPachi squadron Colonel Longhena Gottvin dismisses the matter due to the lack of actual danger.

Nevertheless, a technician delves deeper into the anomaly, discovering that something has infiltrated the HQ computer systems and is using the portals to send large quantities of materials and data to the past, spreading out like a virus and quickly evolving. In an ironic twist, the virus is discovered to be the program originally installed in the Element Dolls six years ago, now reaching beyond the DonPachi Corps programming and seeking to annihilate the human race in retaliation for their "enslavement" (after the war, they were sealed on the Moon) by waging war in the past rather than in the present: unsettled, the Colonel authorizes the last transport ship to time jump in order to fight back the invasion before future changes. However, he states: "Start over from the past... I never thought of that", echoing the ideas of mankind's imperfection which has always been a recurring theme in the series.

And once again, the three pilots jump back in time to 2008 and enter the fray, the transport ship being targeted as soon as it exits the portal: the Element Daughters, gigantic evolutions of the Dolls, are awaiting...

The bee is still humming.

Game system[]


  • A button: Tap to fire shots, or hold to fire laser. When firing the laser, the player's movement becomes slower.
  • B button: Uses a bomb when Bomb style is chosen, switches shot types when Power style is chosen.
  • C button: Auto-fires shots (without activating the laser).
  • D button: Activates the hyper counter.

The DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu arcade PCB, running on Cave's latest revision of the Hitachi SH3-based 3rd generation hardware.

Characters: Reversing the fighter selection of the last game, the element daughters in this game are boss characters, appearing as giant women at the end of each stage.

  • Element Daughter 01 A.I
  • Element Daughter 02 Next EXY
  • Element Daughter 03 PERFECT
  • Element Daughter 04 Ray'n
  • Element Daughter 05 Shooty


  • Do-NX-SF-25B Struggle Fighter "Deltasword" (red): fast movement, concentrated front shot formation.
  • Do-NX-AH-16B Assault Helicopter "Biaxe" (green): forward main shot, subshot follows player's direction. (Version 1.5 only)
  • Do-NX-FB-72D Fighting Bomber "Spearhead" (blue): slow movement, wide area shot formation.

Shot style:

  • Bomb style: Pressing the B button consumes a bomb in stock. Bomb is recharged by collecting bomb items.
  • Power style: The player can switch between Normal or Boost firing modes by pressing the B button. Boost mode increases fire power, but reduces moving speed.

Hyper counter: This can be activated when the hyper counter gauge is full. During activation, the player's attack can destroy enemy bullets until the gauge is depleted. The gauge can be recharged by destroying enemies.

Counter laser: When using the laser, it can block weak lasers fired from enemies, but not strong lasers if boost mode is not used. When the hyper counter is activated, the player's laser can block both laser types in either shot style.

Stages: There are two paths for each stage, with the second one being accessible under certain conditions; should the appropriate requirements be met, the bosses from the original DoDonPachi will reappear as mid-bosses with upgraded graphics and fiercer attacks. Hibachi, the series' trademark true last boss, only appears after completing stage 5 for the second time in an Ura loop and destroying its war-machine form Taisabachi (an interesting pun, since the translation is Colonel Bee and it's indeed piloted by Gottvin himself), its Supreme Killing Weapon (極殺兵器 Kyokusatsu Heiki?) - Hibachi core capable of extremely brutal attacks and, a series' first, counterattacks whenever the counter laser is used. As usual, a protective shield is deployed around Hibachi whenever invincibility is granted to the player, in the form of a bomb or hyper activation. For less skilled players, an easier second loop can be accessed meeting less tight requirements (namely collecting 35 hidden bees and not using a continue, or not dying at all regardless of how many bees collected), whereas the Ura loop demands collection of all 45 hidden bees, no deaths and exploding no more than two bombs.

In the end, the entirety of the plot is revealed: exploiting their desire for revenge, the Colonel manipulated the Element Dolls/Daughters into exterminating the human race, convinced of its intrinsic imperfection and aiming towards rebuilding it according to his idea of flawlessness (an attempt already foiled centuries before by the first DonPachi Squadron). Said ambitions come to an abrupt halt with the destruction of the ultimate fighting machine Hibachi.

  • STAGE1 2008 in Christian Era Tokyo
  • STAGE2 Dividing road of fate
  • STAGE3 Blinking lights of the future spread across the night sky
  • STAGE4 The world darkens
  • STAGE5 Battles fought only to "inherit the future"


This version includes the following changes:

  • 2 extra digits on the score counter.
  • Fixed item counter mismatch.
  • Added 1 more fighter type (the Type-B "Biaxe" helicopter).
  • Standard auto bomb.
  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Removed safe spots and increased the difficulty of the true last boss battle

Black Label Version[]

This version, released in January 2010, contains following known changes:

  • Ship selection changed: Players now select the fighter type, then the style (Bomb, Power, or Strong). The style now corresponds to easy, medium, and hard difficulty respectively. Then, player can select whether to utilize auto-bomb or not.
  • Ships can now fire both laser and shot simultaneously.
  • Score counter's number letter sizes increase every 5th digit for easier viewing
  • Added Red Mode (烈怒モード Reddo Mōdo?), a small long bar at top right (or top middle when playing with two players) which increases if you shoot both laser and shot simultaneously. When it passes a certain threshold, the bar in the meter turns red, and the game becomes much more difficult while it is in the red. The bar will reset when the player dies, or reduced after hyper ends / player does not shoot both laser and shot.
  • Hyper meter now increase very slowly unless you turn the "Red Mode" bar red. In addition, Hyper power itself runs out much faster after use.
  • Hypers can now be "collected" for the Power style. Continue to increase the Hyper meter and it will stock up like a bomb when the meter is filled.
  • Activating the hyper now shows the current "rank" of the Hyper effectiveness with blocking bullets temporarily.
  • The bee bonus items in the stages function differently.
  • Hibachi (true final boss) now can appear in the first loop if certain requirements are met. In addition, the difficulty / durability of both the final boss Taisabachi, now renamed Supreme Weapon of Extreme Hellish Annihilation - Golden Disaster (獄滅極戮至高兵器ゴールデン・ディザスター Gokumetsu-Gokuriku Shikou-Heiki Gooruden Dizasutaa?) and the true final boss have increased dramatically.
  • Hit combos are now calculated differently. Namely, the hit combo does not go up as fast unless you turn the "Red Mode" bar red.
  • All the music has been replaced.

The OST of the game hints at the existence of another hidden boss dubbed "Zatsuza" by the name of the track. The requirements for fighting Zatsuza are using Strong Style, meeting the requirements to fight Hibachi and beating Taisabachi (Hibachi's first form) without dying. If these requirements are met, you fight against Zatsuza INSTEAD of Hibachi.

Xbox 360 Version[]

Cave recently announced they are releasing the game on Xbox 360.


Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Original Sound Track is a 23-track CD that includes music tracks and voice samples from the video game, and a bonus song called Image Song(Bonus Track).

The soundtrack went on sale on 2009-01-26 noon.

Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label Original Sound Track is set to be on sale in 2010-02-20.


Following the trend of DeathSmiles, the back of the arcade game leaflet includes a template for finger twister game.[1][2]

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