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Donkey Kong 64 is a Platform adventure game released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. It is part of the Donkey Kong series.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Playable[edit | edit source]

Supporting[edit | edit source]

  • Candy Kong
  • Cranky Kong
  • Funky Kong

Story[edit | edit source]

The game starts off with a scene showing a gorgeous day, bright blue sky, crisp, clear water, etc. Donkey Kong is working out in his home, music blasting. On the other side of the ocean, a massive towering ship looms in the distance. Inside, the minions of King K. Rool maintain the ship as it glides along the ocean. King K. Rool sits in his throne-like seat, planning on destroying DK Isle with his "Blast-o-matic". Soon, chaos erupts as the Kremlings lose control of the ship, causing it to crash and come face-to-face with DK Isle. To buy himself some time, K. Rool instructs his grunts to capture the other Kongs and steal the hoard of golden bananas. Squawks flies into Donkey Kong's house, interrupting his workout, and warns him of the events. Donkey Kong then visits his grandfather, Cranky Kong, for assistance.

After defeating the tutorial levels, Donkey Kong moves out of the jungle and out to the isle, he discovers a green cave attached to the ship that hosts the over-sized, ex-member of K.Rool's army, K.Lumsey. Donkey Kong agrees to find the 8 keys to unlock the cage. K. Lumsey jumps around with excitement, the tremors cause a nearby rock on DK Isle to explode, revealing an entrance to the first level and one of the golden bananas.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like most adventure/platformer hybrids, the game features open-world exploration. Levels are accessed by exploring, learning new abilities, or collecting the right amount of items. Donkey Kong eventually rescues his "family" and in return, they become playable characters and help him find the golden bananas.

Each Kong has their own set of unique abilities:

  • Donkey - Baboon Blast (3 coins), Strong Kong (5 coins), Gorilla Grab (7 coins)
  • Diddy - Chimpy Charge (3 coins), Rocketbarrel Boost (5 coins), Simian Spring (7 coins)
  • Tiny - Mini-Monkey (3 coins), Pony Tail Twirl (5 coins), Monkey Port (7 coins)
  • Lanky - OrangStand (3 coins), Baboon Balloon (5 coins), OrangSprint (7 coins)
  • Chunky - Hunky Chunky (3 coins), Primate Punch (5 coins), Gorilla Gone (7 coins)
  • All - Simian Slam (3 coins), Super Simian Slam (5 coins), Super Duper Simian Slam (7 coins)


  • Donkey - Bongo Blast
  • Diddy - Guitar Gazump
  • Tiny - Saxaphone Slam
  • Lanky - Trombone Tremor
  • Chunky - Triangle Trample

And ranged weapon:

  • Donkey - Coconut Gun
  • Diddy - Peanut Poppers
  • Tiny - Feather Bow
  • Lanky - Grape Shooter
  • Chunky - Pineapple Launcher

Every world has 5 golden bananas each Kong can collect. Some are right out in the open, with others requiring the completion of several puzzles. Regular bananas are spread out across the levels, collecting a certain amount will unlock the level's boss. When a boss is defeated, the Kongs collect a key used to open K.Lumsey's cage.

Worlds & Bosses[edit | edit source]