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Donkey Kong Land, (called Super Donkey Kong GB in Japan) is a video game released for the Game Boy in 1995 and stars Donkey and Diddy. This game is the semi-sequel of Donkey Kong Country as it takes place after its events, but before Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quests

This game is often mistaken to be a Game Boy remake for Donkey Kong Country. This has been proven false as the game has total different features, level, newer enemies and no returning bosses (excluding King K. Rool) but rather newer ones.


After Donkey and Diddy discuss their latest adventure to Cranky. Cranky's jealousy of all their success leads him to giving the Kremling Krew a bet to rob the Banana Hoard once more as Cranky thinks the monkeys will never complete the game on an 8-bit system.



Animal Buddies[]

  • Rambi the Rhinoceros
  • Expresso the Ostrich


  • Army
  • Chomps
  • Clambo
  • Fangfish
  • Gnawty
  • Hogwash
  • Klaptrap
  • Kritter
  • Krusha
  • Mincer
  • Mini-Necky
  • Necky
  • Nemo
  • Oil Drum
  • Slippa
  • Slippa Jar
  • Snapper
  • Swirlwind
  • Zinger


  • Wild Sting
  • Colossal Clambo
  • Hard Hat
  • King K. Rool


Gangplank Galleon Ahoy![]

  • Jungle Jaunt
  • Freezing Fun
  • Simian Swing
  • Deck Trek
  • Rope Ravine
  • Tyre Trail
  • Riggin' Rumble
  • Congo Carnage
  • Arctic Barrel Arsenal
  • BOSS: Wild Sting Fling


  • Tricky Temple
  • Kremlantis Kaos
  • Reef Rampage
  • Snake Charmer's Challenge
  • Chomp's Coliseum
  • Nautilus Chase
  • Whirlwind Storm
  • BOSS: Sea-bed Showdown

Monkey Mountains and Chimpanzee Clouds[]

  • Pot Hole Panic
  • Mountain Mayhem
  • Track Attack
  • Spiky Tyre Trail
  • Sky High Caper
  • Landslide Leap
  • Collapsing Clouds
  • BOSS: Mad Mole Holes

Big Ape City[]

  • Balloon Barrage
  • Kong Krazy
  • Construction Site Fight
  • Fast Barrel Blast
  • Skyscraper Caper
  • Button Barrel Blast
  • Oil Drum Slum
  • BOSS: K. Rool's Kingdom

Beta elements[]

  • There was going to be a fish enemy called Pucka which was dropped out.
  • Ram Bunkshus was possibly going to be a possible Animal Buddy in this game, but was dropped.
  • There was going to be an unnamed hatted Kong which was dropped too.