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Donkey Konga is a 2004 Rhythm game for the Nintendo Gamecube, and the first installment of the Donkey Konga series. The game focuses on a special bongo controller, that the player uses to drum along with musical rhythms in the game.


Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong come across a set of bongos while walking along the beach. Unfamiliar with bongos they take it to Cranky, who tells them that it has magical abilities, and tells them to practice using it, so that they can master these powers and use them for good.


Donkey Konga implements a special bongo controller for gameplay, known as the DK Bongos, which is controlled by banging on the two padded drum heads, and clapping above the mic in between them.


DK Bongos

Donkey Konga takes the role of a musical rhythm "play-along" game, where the player must bang the bongo accordingly to hit notes as they line up in a target on the screen, similar to other rhythm games such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Certain notes require the player to bang different drums and clap to hit them, with small notes being hit once, and extended notes in rapid succession. The game can be played in multiplayer with up to 4 players, where players complete a song on a split screen, and are scored on the notes they hit, the ones they missed, and combos.