The term, Double jump refers to the ability to jump on midair. Usually it means just a regular jump, but with no ground. Some times double jumps are different than normal jumps, such as Knuckles's glide, Tails's flying ability or Samus Aran's Screw Attack. Basically this refers to pressing the jump button a second time before landing but most of the time it is required for the player to hit the jump button, the second time, before the apex or maximum height of the jump is met.

The Double Jump debuted in Super Mario 64. However, Mario jumps after he touches the ground which is called the Triple Jump.[1]

In New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Toadette as Peachette can execute this move while she is floating on air. Peachette will automatically recover from bottomless pits and hazards by performing the midair jump.


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