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Dracula Twins is a PC platformer published and developed by Swedish developer-publisher Legendo Entertainment. The game, which features two-dimensional movement through a vivid and cartoonish three-dimensional environment, borrows its title and certain references from the classic Bram Stoker novel Dracula.

In the game, Dracula has been captured by Doctor Lifelust and his horde of vampire hunters who has a sinister plan to create a serum that lets him live forever. Dracula's twin vampire twerps, Drac and Dracana are on a mission to save daddy Dracula from the clutches of the vampire hunter. Each of the twins is imbued with special abilities to help succeed in the adventure. Collecting blood rubies helps to develop magical powers. Casting spells will help defeat the challenges along the way.


The game's vampire hunter enemies are very reminiscent of the costume design in the Van Helsing movie.

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