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Dragon Knight 4 is an anime-style role-playing video game developed by ELF Corporation and released in Japan on several platforms between 1994 and 1997.[1] In 1994, the game first became available for PC DOS and the NEC PC-9801, with a censored version ported to the SNES in 1996 and later to the PC-FX, PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997.

Dragon Knight 4 is a continuation of the Dragon Knight series, and a sequel to Knights of Xentar.


The central character of Dragon Knight 4 is Kakeru, the son of Takeru, the protagonist of the earlier games in the series. At the outset, the player is informed of the sorcerer Lushifon's plot to destroy civilization and must guide Kakeru through a number of battles before finally confronting the wizard.


The game features a turn-based battle system, with the player in control of up to eight additional characters. Allies and enemies are both separated into statistically distinct classes: swordsmen, archers and sorcerers, with certain armour and weaponry being appropriate to each.[1]


The original DOS, FM Towns and PC-98 versions of the game both feature hentai nudity and sex scenes.[1] Banpresto removed these aspects before re-publishing the game for the SNES, PC-FX, PlayStation and Saturn consoles in 1996 and 1997 respectively. A third remake brought the game into the third dimension and brought back the hardcore sex scenes.[2]


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