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Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors is a game released for the Nintendo Wii system.


Five years after the defeat of Lord Xiphos, the kingdom of Avalonia is celebrating the anniversary of their victory, and Claymore's son is now of age to attend the Walk of the Worthy to prove himself as a valiant knight. Following the success of the walk, he must help Prince Anlace discover the mystery of his mother, the queen, and her recent behavior with a strange mask that she wears. Along the way he meets up with a young girl named Fleurette, who had frightening dreams about the same mask and is concerned for her brother's illness and disappearance.


The player selects which destination he wants to go in from the hub town of Avalonia and goes there in a straight path with a few forks along the route that lead to treasures. As the player proceeds on that path, he will occasionally encounter battles with the creatures that inhabit that region. Use the Wii Remote to aim your sword and swing it at your adversaries or to hold up your shield and block their attacks. You will also get help from various escorts (Prince Anlace, Fluerette, and Claymore) with either healings or magic attacks on your foes. Click on rocks to uncover possible treasures you can use.

In the hub town of Avalonia, the player uses the D-pad on the remote to move around and enter buildings to interact with people. You can buy or sell items that you have on hand and even play various games to test your skill and luck.


With the exception of the hero, whom the player is allowed to name, the game's major characters are all named after kinds of swords. Fleurette will call the hero a pet name. She will ask if "Blade" is OK. Clicking "Yes" will cause her to refer to the hero as "Blade" from then on. However, clicking "No" will allow the player to choose from other names. Also, with the exception of the Hero, all of the characters can only use magic during battles.

  • Hero (主人公, Shujinkō?) - A young man who lives in the Kingdom of Avalonia with his father - once a swordsman of great renown - who has passed on his knowledge, as well as his natural flair for swordplay, to his son. The hero's adventure begins on his sixteenth birthday, when he sets out to undertake his society's traditional coming-of-age ritual.
  • Prince Anlace (ディーン, Dīn?) Voiced by: Ryōsei Konishi(Japanese), William Ellis (English) - The proud-faced, exquisitely-dressed Prince of Avalonia. What reason could a member of the royal family have for wanting to fight alongside our humble hero?
  • Fleurette (セティア, Setia?) Voiced by: Ayumi Kinoshita (Japanese), Jo Wyatt (English) - A fair maiden whose flamboyant dress sense belies the air of sadness that surrounds her. She was at one time a trainee nun at the Chapel of the Merciful Goddess in Avalonia. Now she provides solid support to the hero wherever his adventures may take him.
  • Claymore (バウド, Baudo?) Voiced by: Kenji Matsuda[4] (Japanese), Wayne Forrester (English) - The hero's father. Once a swordsman whose name was known all over the kingdom, Claymore lost his sword arm in battle, but is still a valuable ally thanks to his powerful magic. When not adventuring, he can be found indulging his weakness for drink and womanizing.
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