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Dragoon Might (ドラグーンマイト?) is a 2D competitive fighting game produced by Konami and released as a coin-operated video game in 1995. It was Konami's second attempt at creating a competitive fighting game for the arcades after the success of Capcom's 1991 arcade hit Street Fighter II, following Martial Champion.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Dragoon Might features two distinct game modes. A single match mode in which the player must defeat their opponents in round-based matches, and a team match mode similar to The King of Fighters series in which two teams of three members must battle each other until the members of one team are all defeated.

The game's controls consists of an eight-way joystick for moving the character and six attack buttons (three punches and three kicks) of different strength and speed levels. Like most fighting games, special moves are performed by inputting a specific series of directional commands and/or buttons. The game features a unique type of special moves known as "Bomber Moves" (aka "Super Attacks" in the US version), which can deliver greater damage than standard special moves in exchange of some of the player's vitality. There are also "Super Bomber" move (also called "Final Attacks" in the US version) which can only performed while the player's vitality gauge is flashing. The player can also jump unto trees or cranes to avoid attacks by pressing all three kick buttons. The player can attack an opponent who is lying on the ground, as well as do an emergency escape roll when their character is knocked to the ground.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Dragoon Might features a total of twelve selectable characters, as well as a non-playable final boss during the game's single-player mode. The story centers around a mythical relic known as the Dragon Medallion that will grant its collector one wish. The Medallion has been broken into thirteen fragments that has subsequently come into the possession of each main character, who must fight each other for their fragments until one of them collects all thirteen of them.

Yamato (ヤマト?, voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa)
The lead character. A katana-wielding warrior. In his ending, he spends his time playing pachinko after collecting the Medallion, but ends up destroying the machine when he continues losing all the time.
Tsugumi (つぐみ?, v.b. Hiromi Tsuru)
The lead heroine. A shrine maiden descended from a tengu. She seeks to collect the Medallion in order to maintain world peace. She fights using a hand-held fan.
Kodama (木霊?, v.b. Hisao Egawa)
A ninja who serves the Sanada clan. He is the only playable character who fights barehanded.
Tekkamen (鉄仮面?, v.b. Kaneto Shiozawa)
A masked ninja who is also a serial killer. He wields a claw on one hand and a crescent-shaped blade on the other.
Reggie (レジー?, v.b. Kazunari Tanaka)
A stern-looking underground professional wrestler who wishes to be on the front stage with his younger brother. He wields a jackknife
Layla (レイラ?, v.b. Hiromi Tsuru)
A tonfa-wielding female warrior who seeks to save her ill mother.
Ryan (雷庵 Raian?, v.b. Kaneto Shiozawa)
A sinful monk who seeks material wealth. He fights using his monk staff.
Suiko (酔虎?, v.b. Hisao Egawa)
A gluttonous monk who spends most of his time eating and drinking. He fights using his prayer beads.
Drake (ドレイク?, v.b. Kazunari Tanaka)
A smug spear-wielding warrior.
Sarumaru (猿丸?, v.b. Kazunari Tanaka)
The leader of a tribe of monkeys living in Monkey Mountain. He wields two large blades which are equipped under his sandals.
Jaoh (ジャオウ?, v.b. Hisao Egawa)
A large warrior in jet black armor who wields a bladed yoyo.
Dogma (ドグマ?, v.b. Hisao Egawa)
The final adversary in the single-player mode. A computer-only character. An evil sorcerer who seeks to rule the world.

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