E3 1996

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The event continued to grow and become a common place for the unveiling of new products. In 1996, Nintendo's press conference unveiled the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 in the U.S. Capcom previewed the first game of their survival horror franchise Resident Evil, as well as their first 3D fighting game for PlayStation, Star Gladiator. Namco showed its PlayStation version of Tekken 2. Naughty Dog showed its first PlayStation offering, Crash Bandicoot and Sega showed its next mascot with Nights into Dreams... for the Saturn (also debuting its analog controller). Eidos Interactive showed off its multiplatform star in Tomb Raider. The Unreal Engine was shown for the first time by Epic MegaGames, but no actual Unreal gameplay. StarCraft also had its debut in a very early build of the game. Square showed its first PlayStation offering with Tobal No. 1 and showed a video of the most anticipated role playing game of the time, Final Fantasy VII. The event ran from May 16 through May 18 in Los Angeles, California.