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Earnest Evans is a platform video game developed by Wolf Team. It was originally released for the Mega CD as one of the add-on's earliest titles in December 1991. The game was later brought to the U.S, removing most of the cutscenes found on the Mega CD version.

It is the first game in the Earnest Evans series, followed by El Viento and Annet Futatabi; however, this is the only game where Earnest Evans is playable.


In this game, the player takes control of Earnest Evans as he navigates through twelve levels. Each of these levels ends with a boss that must be defeated to proceed into the next level. There are numerous enemies in each level that are quite difficult to pass by without losing a significant portion of your life. Earnest has five continues before the game ends and the player is forced to replay the levels.


Japanese Version[]

In the Mega CD version, the game's story is depicted between the levels through fully voiced cutscenes. The story takes place in 1926 and begins with Earnest going to a Mexican temple to recover a statue. After beating the first level, Earnest travels to Peru on the behalf of President Coolidge, who is seeking the Necronomicon. The second and third levels take place in Peru; in a cutscene where Earnest heads into Level 3's temple, he is observed by an ominous man.

After Level 4, Earnest saves the life of a girl who was intended as a sacrifice to Hastur. The man from the earliest cutscene takes possession of the Necronomicon before Earnest is able and introduces himself as Siegfried Munchhausen, a subordinate for Al Capone. Earnest tries to take back the Necronomicon and learns of Siegfried's intentions but is stopped. He then introduces herself to the girl and learns her name is Annet; she is a Peruvian sorceress who seeks to prevent the Necronomicon's power from being abused. The two somehow gain possession of the Necronomicon and as they travel through Europe, they meet a beautiful woman named Charlotte. Charlotte tries assuring them they are alright but poisons Earnest and steals the book.

In the next scene, after Level 5, Al Capone meets with Ulrich, the latter being the leader of a cult devoted to resurrecting Hastur. The latter is satisfied of the former's success of retrieving the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, Earnest and Anett are imprisoned but freed by Siegfried, who offers to help them in return for stopping Ulrich, having realized the consequence the plan will have on mankind. Earnest and Annet continue after Siegfried allows the cult to capture him to get them time. They go through a temple and discover an ancient slab; removing it, they uncover a seal - the Elder Sign - that seems to contain an intense power. Earnest tries to get it but is shocked, Annet attempts but manages to get it painlessly. Earnest then rescues Siegfried and the trio goes to a secret hideout.

At the hideout, they learn that Al Capone has been arrested(even though the actual headlines depicted state something completely different, involving The Adicts and Iron Maiden's Live After Death album from their World Slavery Tour). Annet reveals that she has translated the slab that covered the Elder Sign and has learned a spell that may prevent Hastur's awakening. The team rides a raft to the temple, going through the roughest ride.

Earnest defeats Hastur but the evil god's resurrection nears and the team needs to act fast. At the behest of Earnest and Siegfried, Annet reluctantly agrees to cast the spell using the Elder Sign. The resurrection is successfully averted and the team leaves the crumbling temple. The team revel whether this will be the last seen of Hastur and Earnest reveals he possesses the Necronomicon. Annet is somewhat disappointed that the adventure is coming to an end but Earnest decides to take her in as his assistant.

In America, Al Capone is going to trial, with Charlotte being seen next to him, and curses Earnest while he considers the value that the priestess may have. At the White House, Coolidge takes possession of the Necronomicon and burns it, having no use for its power. Earnest and Annet end on a sailboat where Annet accepts the task of forgetting the past for the next new adventure and proceeds to throw the Elder Sign into the ocean.

American Version[]

In the Sega Genesis version, the story only exists within the game's manual and is significantly different given the game's release postdating El Viento. In this story, the Earnest Evans in this game is the grandson of the Earnest Evans who appeared in the cutscenes of El Viento. Annet is the latter Earnest's adopted daughter and the mother of the former Earnest, who aids Earnest at one point(the level involving her driving the car). An enemy is mentioned named Brady Tresidder who is supposed to be the successor to Vincento Demarco(the American counterpart of Al Capone in El Viento). The game takes place in the 1980s instead of the 1920s and involves the grandson Earnest and he must collect three idols to prevent Mavur from being resurrected. The only cutscenes intact on the American version is the opening cutscene, showing Earnest on the boat to the Mexican temple, and the credit scene of Earnest running from a boulder.


IGN gave the game a 3 out of 10. The review noted the cumulative attempt made to advert the game as an Indiana Jones style adventure but criticized the controls and Earnest's disjointed appearance. The only pros given to the game directed at the cutscenes and soundtrack, provided by Motoi Sakuraba.

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