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Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures is a 3D platforming video game based on the animated television series Ed, Edd n Eddy. It was originally released on October 31, 2005 for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and Microsoft Windows. The Mis-Edventures is the second Ed, Edd n Eddy video game, following Jawbreakers! and preceding Scam of the Century.


The game follows through eight levels, referred to as scams, two of which are unlockable via gameplay and using each Eds special formations and abilities. Eddy can use the El Mongo stinkbomb, vandalize objects, and swat things with his yo-yo. His formation is the Tower-of-Eddy which can retrieve items high up and allow the trio to cross narrow bridges. Edd can use his sling-shot to operate machinery and smack things with his ruler. His formation is the Trampol-Edd to climb onto high areas. Ed can "smash stuff" with his head and pick things up and dig in sandboxes. His formation is the Batter-Ed which can smash through large obstacles.


Cool Yer Ed[]

In the first level of the game, The Eds are planning to steal the ice cubes from the coolers in the neighborhood kids' backyards to create snow-cones so that they can sell them for the warm weather. But, simple obstacles are in their way, but they made it, thanks to Ed with his unquestioned strength and speed. They find a meatball-making machine in Rolf's shed but Rolf refuses to let them use it. So, Ed smashes the pig pen fence and the pigs escape. The Eds agree to get them back in the pen but only if Rolf lets them borrow the machine. Rolf agrees and they get the pigs in the pig pen. The Eds finally make their snow cones by covering the meatballs in ice, which Ed begins to eat.

Pin The Tail on the Ed[]

Jimmy is having his birthday party with the kids, but Rolf tells the Eds that they aren't allowed to go in. Not one to take no for an answer, Eddy wants to go into the party. Ed suggests that they sneak in through the sewers ("Like the Bacteria Fusion Blob, in I Was A Teenage Sludge Hippie!"). Despite Double Dee's worrys, Eddy leads his friends through the sewer to sneak into (and crash) Jimmy's party. The Eds successfully sneak in, thanks to Double D's smart brain. While everyone is inside Jimmy's house, Double Dee and the Eds break all of Jimmy's pinatas, but the Kankers pop out of one and chase them. Luckily, Double Dee uses his slingshot to shoot down the beehives in the trees so the bees chase the Kankers away. After defeating The Kankers, Kevin tells the Eds that the party has ended and everyone has left. Jimmy "rewards" them with a blob of icing with five birthday candles in it, which Ed proceeds to eat.

Must Be Something I Ed[]

Rolf tells the The Eds that it is the Candy Store's "Customer Appreciation Day" and that they are giving out free jawbreakers. Since the store closes in five minutes, Eddy decides to head there straight away and take a shortcut. After they get past Sarah and Jimmy, Kevin, Jonny and Plank, and a vicious bulldog, they finally arrive. Unfortunately, Eddy accidentally eats a jawbreaker covered with foot powder (which he is allergic to) and his face turns green with orange spots. Luckily, the trio manage to sneak back to Eddy's house, without being seen by the other kids. They successfully return to Eddy's bedroom, but unfortunately, as Eddy is about to close the curtains, the kids appear at the window, all with cameras, and they begin laughing and taking pictures of Eddy's diseased face.

Ed on Arrival[]

When Rolf shows off his badge of the Urban Rangers to the Eds, Eddy says he wants one. So, Rolf challenges the Eds to make it across the Peach Creek Estates construction site, where he has set up an assault course, promising them the badge if they make it. At first, Eddy refuses, but when Rolf tells him that he will give the badge to Kevin, Eddy accepts the challenge. However, Rolf tells Kevin in private to make sure that they don't succeed. The competition heats up when Kevin prepares tricks, traps and tribulations, but the Eds manage to complete the tasks in the course, thanks to the Eds' ability to stand on each other to create "The Tower of Eddy." After a head-butting competition with Victor (Rolf's goat), the Eds race Kevin to win the badge. The Eds win the race, but in order for the badge to be shared fairly, Rolf rips the badge into three pieces. Ed wants to trade his piece with Eddy's, but Eddy is so annoyed, he shoves it up Ed's nose and storms off.

Nightmare on Ed Street[]

Jimmy's toy rabbit, Mr. Yum Yum, is trapped inside The Old Abandoned House on the window sill. Since Jimmy is too frightened to go inside himself, Eddy promises to retrieve it, for a quarter. Jimmy refuses to pay Eddy saying he'll pay him when he gets Mr. Yum Yum back, saying that he had "better be in one piece too." Inside the house, Eddy tells Double Dee that he told Ed to steal Jimmy's rabbit so Jimmy would pay them to get it back. But, Ed tells Eddy that he put Mr. Yum Yum on the mantel, not the window sill. Suddenly, the Kanker sisters appear, holding Mr. Yum Yum. Marie tells the Eds that they will trade the rabbit for "good boyfriend presents", threatening to kiss them if they don't bring them anything, not to mention holding Mr. Yum Yum next to a spinning saw. Finally, after exploring around the haunted house, the Eds finally bring the Kankers their presents (the Ship in a Bottle for Lee, a can of Axle Grease for Marie, and the Taxidermy book for May) and disable the saw. They successfully retrieve Mr. Yum Yum for Jimmy... only for it to fall in half (The Kankers cut him in half while the Ed's were exploring). Jimmy runs off crying, leaving the Eds without their promised reward.

Ed Marks the Spot[]

Eddy was going to share his secret stash of jawbreakers in his suitcase with Ed and Double Dee, but someone has taken them all. As Eddy shakes the suitcase, a piece of a map falls out. Double Dee suggests that they look for the other pieces of the map in order to recover Eddy's missing jawbreakers. So, the Eds put their heads together to find out who took the jawbreakers and confront the thief to get them back. They save the first piece from Jonny (who wanted to turn it into a paper airplane), get the second piece from Jimmy (who was trying to do origami with it) by trading it for a "jawbreaker" (which was really a spider egg), and they get the last piece from Rolf's goat, Victor by "dancing with the goat" (head-butting him off the cliff). They put the pieces together and find out that The Kankers took them. Eddy angrily storms into their trailer, where the Eds fall underground. They then must defeat them to get the jawbreakers back. Finally, after beating them, Ed, Eddy, and Double Dee grab the jawbreakers and run back to the Kanker's trailer, which has strangly been decorated to look like a church. They realise that the Kankers have trapped them in a wedding ceremony and they kiss the frightened Eds, who scream "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Bonus Scams[]

In order to unlock these bonus scams, you must dig out clothes from the sandboxes, each hidden in the different levels.

Revenge of Edzilla[]

Eddy recreates his Edtropolis scam. All is well until Ed believes he is a monster again. He then goes on rampage throughout the city, destroying it all, as well as tanks, hospitals, and the Statue of Liberty (which looks like Jonny holding Plank and the jawbreaker, instead of a book and a torch). He then battles the Kankerator (The Kankers as a giant monster) at the Chunky Puffs factory who he defeats by throwing giant balls of Chunky Puffs cereal at them. After Ed defeats the Kankers, Eddy goes in a rage and he angrily whacks Ed in the face with a metal dustpan lid.

Rebel Robot Ranch[]

The Eds are stuck on the robot planet and their only hope is to get to the space rocket. But Ed thinks he should take the lead, but he end's up being captured by the robots. Now Double Dee and Eddy must rescue Ed from the clutches of the Robot Rebels. After they free Ed, they have to find the space rocket so they can leave the planet. Unfortunately, they haved to battle the giant leader of the Robot Rebels (which is a huge, red robot turret with a cowboy hat and two cannons). They successfully complete their mission with the help of Double Dee and find the rocket. Their imaginary game is disrupted when Sarah yells at Ed to come home for dinner. The game ends with Ed crossly storming away, all thanks to Sarah, and the Eds' fun is ruined.


  • Blue Spheres The blue spheres are the life hearts of the game that keep the Eds alive, they come in big and small sizes granting more life.
  • Money Located all around the game, money comes in cents and dollars, it is used in the jawbreaker machine in the playground.
  • Jawbreakers The most valuable item in the game, there are 40 located through all the scams, collecting all of them allows you to view them in the gallery they also unlock cheats.
  • Sandbox Clothes These special items are hidden inside sandboxes in the levels, only Ed can dig them out. They unlock the 2 hidden levels.

Game Boy Advance Changes[]

  • New scams called Ed & Switch, Like an Ed in a Maze, Ed-A-Doodle-Doo were placed into the game.
  • Ed & Switch is basically Nightmare on Ed Street except that Mr Yum Yums is lost in the junkyard, Sarah also forces them to find the doll
  • The Pin The Tail on the Ed does not involve the Eds going through the sewers and when they get to the party they steal Kevin's invitation and are welcomed, there is also no Kanker Sister battle.
  • The Ed Marks the Spot scam has a different conclusion, instead of a Kanker Sister battle they wake up in a lucid nightmare where a pair of lips are trying to kill them.
  • The Cool Yer Ed scam is the second scam while Pin the Tail on the Ed is the first.



Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures received moderate reviews for the PS2, GCN, Xbox and the GBA but bad reviews for the PC. The gaming website IGN gave the game a score of 5.0 for the PS2 version,[10] 2.9 for the PC version,[11] and 5.1 for the Xbox version.[9]


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