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Issue Cover Games Reviewed Features/Articles
#144 (12/2004) Liquid Launch - Archer Maclean made his fortune making balls roll round tables. Now, for the PSP, he and his team at Awesome Studios are offering a new tilt on an old idea.
#145 (1/2005) Irrational Discourse - We talk emergence, inconography and 'guys in tights' with the team behind Freedom Force.
#146 (2/2005) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we consider Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and discover how it broke the mould, and why the sequel broke our hearts.
Q&A: Yuji Naka - We talk to a tired and worried Yuji Naka about the release of Project Rub and his plans for the future
#147 (3/2005) For Everything A Reason - The components of Monolith's paranormal FPS FEAR did not come together by accident. Nor are they entirely predictable. Vivendi silenced the team many times during FEAR's European press debut, but then uncertainty is what fear's all about...
Q&A: Jim Merrick
#148 (4/2005) Rhodes Trip
#149 (5/2005) The Making of Advance Wars - The 'game the GBA was made for' was first made for the NES. How did such an old title define the new handheld generation?


Issue Cover Games Reviewed Features/Articles
#150 (6/2005) London Crawling - The now-independent originators of Diablo are raising hell again from a new perspective and in a new world: ours
Art and Fighting - Leaving behind a dynasty of his own at Capcom, Yoshiki Okamoto's new studio presents an action title as immediately accessible as it is intoxicatingly beautiful.
#151 (7/2005) The Small Guns - An interview with three small developers of the Japanese arcade Shmup scene � - G.rev, Milestone and Triangle Service
#152 (8/2005) Edge issue #152 cover Multiplatform: Killer7, Batman Begins, MOH: European Assault DS: Trace Memory, Bomberman DS Game Boy Advance: Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones PC: BattleField 2, Guild Wars PS2: Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, Black Hawk Down PSP: Intelligent License Xbox: Advent Rising, Conker: Live & Reloaded A World Apart - World of Warcraft has become a real phenomenon. To find out why, we go straight to the source of its success: the players
#153 (9/2005) Edge issue #153 cover Multiplatform: Big Mutha Truckers 2, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Real World Golf, World of Warcraft DS: Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Chou Shittou Caduceus GameCube: Chibi Robo PS2: Drag-on Dragoon 2, Genji, Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy, OZ PSP: Coded Arms PlayStation Freedom - Portable, powerful, programmable: will the PSP scene prove to be homebrew's most memorable?
Mutant X - Indie shooter specialist PomPom is moving on to Xbox 360 - and setting about patenting fun
#154 (10/2005 Edge issue #154 cover Multiplatform: Fahrenheit, Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance GBA: Sigma Star Saga GameCube: Geist, Super Mario Stadium Miracle Baseball DS: Nanostray, Ossu! Tatakae! Quendan! PS2: Makai Kingdom, Ape Escape 3, Mushihimesama, Sengoku Basara PSP: Virtua Tennis World Tour, Medievil Resurrection Super Troopers - Q&A with Treasure's Masato Maegawa - Treasure, always determined to be revolutionary, has come full circle with a sequel to its first game, Gunstar Heroes But is it a case of new dawn or old glory?
#155 (11/2005) Edge issue #155 cover Miss Dynamite - The first lady of the FPS represents the hopes and fears of not just a generation of Rare fans but, arguably, a whole new videogame platform
#156 (12/2005) Edge issue #156 cover Rhythm Faction - 2001's PS2 highlight Frequency showed Harmonix was reading from a very different set list to the rest of the industry. Four years on, we go backstage with the Boston independent
#157 (01/2006) Edge issue #157 cover Beyond Good & Evil - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we consider Beyond Good & Evil and discover how an intrepid young journalist took Michel Ancel from a limbless hero to lord of the jungle.
"We have the best launch line-up of any console ever" - Xbox 360's chief architect is in bullish mood now that his far-reaching console vision has turned into reality
#158 (02/2006) Review: Perfect Dark Zero
The Omega Men: Expanding Wipeout Pure - The booster packs for Wipeout Pure cost nothing, yet cram onto your memory stick an increasingly adventurous suite of designer tracks and ships. The latest of them is seen by many to be the greatest piece of bonus content ever produced. Communications director for Studio Liverpool Nino Ceraolo joins the four commissioned artists to take us on a lightning tour.
Black & White - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we consider Black & White and find out what happens when the god of god game developers makes the god of all god games.
Everybody Loves Takahashi - The success of Katamari Damacy has made its creator a star. But is it poetic justice or empty hype?
#159 (03/2006) Edge issue #159 cover Q&A - Square Enix's Richard Honeywood


Issue Cover Games Reviewed Features/Articles
#160 (04/2006) Edge issue #160 cover *Long Live Live Arcade - Is Xbox Live Arcade the most important next-gen console platform of all?
*The Mark of Kri - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we consider The Mark of Kri, and why, though it was touted for its combat system, the real innovation in this ex-Disney team's action game was its treatment of the space between combat.
#161 (05/2006) Edge issue #161 cover *Fun and Games - A gangster, a space marine, and an orc walk into a bar. The barman says: "Why aren't games funnier?"
*The Making of... 3D Monster Maze - For one generation, 3D Monster Maze showed that games could invoke emotion. Mostly panic and horror...
#162 (06/2006) Edge issue #162 cover *Into the Darkness - Where next for grasshopper manufacture after Killer 7? Everywhere, it seems, as we experience a close encounter with its CEO Suda51's next-gen plans."
*His Life In Your Hands - What happens when a doodler and dreamer becomes the senior managing director and general manager of Nintendo's entire game development programme?
#163 (07/2006) Edge issue #163 cover *P.N.03 - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we wonder if, as the least successful of Capcom's GameCube hopes, P.N.03's white lady deserves her reputation as the black sheep of the family"
#164 (08/2006) Edge issue #164 cover *A Bug's Life - Is it still worth hunting bugs for a living - at the risk of being treated like an insect - for your break in the videogame industry?
*The Making of... Grand Theft Auto - Even before release, and subsequent vilification at the hands of the press, DMA's sandbox was a world of trouble for its creators
#165 (09/2006) Edge issue #165 cover *The Making of... Twin Kingdom Valley - Forget Oblivion's sumptuous living world - players have been jostling with the day-to-day lives of the locals for more than two decades
*Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Time Extend - In this Time Extend, we look at Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and how Firaxis' exploration of our friends and galactic neighbours left Earth, but kept hold of humanity
#166 (10/2006) Edge issue #166 cover *
#167 (11/2006) Edge issue #167 cover *