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Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness is a puzzle video game released in 2002 by HotGen.


At the start of a level, crates begin falling from the sky. Each one has a picture of the block it contains on it. Stack these blocks and build a tower up to the hot-air-balloon to finish the level. However, it is not that simple; the water at the bottom of the level rises, and if there are any holes remaining in the tower, it gets destroyed. Also, several enemies randomly appear, some stealing your crates, and some dragging you into the water. There are also items in bubbles that give you a power-up or help to destroy an opponents towers.


Mode Description
Egg Mania The original Egg Mania 1 Player mode
Bomb Mode Destroy your opponent's tower with bombs before he does
Solo Play without a CPU for the most points you can get
Survival Play an endless version of the Egg Mania mode
Custom Configure the settings of a game
Tournament Up to 8 players can participate in a tournament


All of the characters are based on eggs, all with different looks to them.

Name Description
Eggy A little kid kind of egg
Robo A mechanical toy egg
Bebub The Devil Egg
Yolko The only female egg in the game
Coolio A D.J. egg
Funky A Disco egg
Astro A Gastronomical egg
Spike A Punk-Rocker egg

Unlockable Characters[]

  • Spooky: The ghost of an egg
    • Unlockable by Eggo Mania Mode- medium setting
  • Angelica: An Angel egg
    • Unlockable by scoring 1,000,000 on solo mode
  • Sir Eggolot A royal knight egg
    • Unlockable by Bomb Mode- medium setting
  • Poncho: A Mexican Pistol-Armed egg
    • Unlockable by Bomb Mode- hard setting
  • Yolkohama: A Japanese shogun-type egg, the leader of all the Robo eggs
    • Unlockable by Eggo Mania Mode- hard setting