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Elven Legacy is a strategy video game developed by 1C:Ino-Co and published by Paradox Interactive. Released in April 2009 for Microsoft Windows the game is a sequel to Fantasy Wars.


The game presents a time when 5 races existed. The races were elves, orcs, humans, the undead and dwarves.[1][2] The races were in conflict for possession of one land where the orcs once had been driven away by the human race. A hundred years later the Orcs prepared for a war to recapture their motherland. At the same time the other races declared war against the human race in an effort to capture the territory in which humans lived.

In the game the player chooses either the elves or the orcs to play in a manner similar to Battle for Middle Earth Lord of the Rings game.




The game received a final score of 'GOOD GAME' at Diehard GameFAN.[3] The game received good reviews for the story-line and gameplay.'s aggregate score for the game is 71 (mixed or average reviews)[4] based on 24 reviews.'s aggregate score of the title is 68.80%[5] based on 20 reviews.


On June 4, 2009 at E3 2009 Paradox Interactive announced Elven Legacy: Ranger expansion.[6] On June 21, Virtual Programming announced the original Elven Legacy title was to be brought the Mac OS X platform in late 2009.[7] The expansion incorporates the following new features: 16 new missions, 3 new heroes, 5 unique artifacts, 12 new spells.
Elven Legacy: Siege was released in November 17, 2009. The expansion includes large-scale battles of large armies, and the capture of many-hexed cities. The expansion has the following new features: a campaign consisting of 19 missions with nonlinear storyline; control of two armies; three new heroes; and bonus missions
Elven Legacy: Magic was released December 3, 2009. This expansion is the most recent in the series of games about the world of Illis. The expansion has the following new features: new heroes, unusual tactical possibilities, new spells and artifacts, and bonus missions.


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