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Basic Information

In video gaming, Enrage is a mechanic usually reserved for boss fights, especially in MMOs, where developers use it to create a sense of urgency to the combat situation at hand. The mechanics are usually separated into soft enrages and hard enrages.

Enrage is usually a time-triggered mechanic, and any of the following effects could be applied to the boss:

  • Cooldown time of abilities and/or spells reduced or removed entirely.
  • Damage dealt is significantly increased.
  • Resistance to magic and/or physical attacks may be increased.

Enrage may also refer to a status where the player is granted extra attacking power and/or speed, often with drawbacks.

Soft Enrage[]

In a soft enrage, the damage output of the boss increases in a linear curve. This type of enrage is designed to be survivable if there is co-ordination among the group, usually involving popping cooldowns.

Hard Enrage[]

In a hard enrage, the damage output of the boss (and sometimes, damage resistance) increases by an order of magnitude. The damage output is designed to not be survivable by a tank, and generally speaking, these enrages are designed to not be survived by the group. Hard enrages may be triggered by specific actions, or more commonly, to enforce instance encounter time limits.