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The computer game Doom consists of 36 levels in four nine-level episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, The Shores of Hell, Inferno and Thy Flesh Consumed (Thy Flesh Consumed was added in the upgrade Ultimate Doom). Levels 1-7 in each episode are regular levels, while number 8 is a boss battle; the ninth is a secret level that can be accessed from within one of the first seven. The levels are referred to as ExMy (episode x, mission y), but also have individual titles.

For information about the levels in Doom II and Final Doom, refer to those articles. For differences between the PC version and its various ports, refer to Doom versions and ports.

Knee-Deep in the Dead[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The version of E1M4 in Doom 1.0 contained a structure that formed a swastika (visible in the upper-left center of the 1.0 map to the right), inserted as homage to Wolfenstein 3D (which was set in a Nazi base and had several swastika-shaped levels). The symbol was changed to a shape that only loosely resembles a swastika for version 1.4:

"Yes, [in Commander Keen 5] there is a swastika in one of the levels, one of my levels to be exact, but I removed it shortly after the game was released because people were upset that an evil symbol was in a cute kid's game (the changed version is in the screenshot). It was a premonition of things to come, namely, Wolfenstein 3D. I also put a swastika in Doom's E1M4 as a Wolf3D reference, but I changed it later for the exact same reason."

John Romero [1]

One of the levels in the original three episodes that was changed for The Ultimate Doom is E1M1. The change consists of the addition of a hidden switch near the start of the level that opens a door to the courtyard. The revised E1M1 contains exactly 666 sidedefs. The other changed level in The Ultimate Doom is E1M8. The change consists of a hidden switch behind a wall in the right chamber of where the Barons of Hell come out. This switch allows you to return to earlier sections to get more ammo.

The band Lollipop Lust Kill wrote a song titled "Knee Deep in the Dead" paying homage to the game.

Name Level design Music
E1M1: Hangar John Romero At Doom's Gate
E1M2: Nuclear Plant John Romero The Imp's Song
E1M3: Toxin Refinery John Romero Dark Halls
E1M4: Command Control John Romero/Tom Hall Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names)
E1M5: Phobos Lab John Romero Suspense
E1M6: Central Processing John Romero On the Hunt
E1M7: Computer Station John Romero Demons on the Prey
E1M8: Phobos Anomaly Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall Sign of Evil
E1M9: Military Base John Romero Hiding the Secrets

The Shores of Hell[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In E2M9, after 26 seconds playtime the song sounds almost exactly as Pantera's song "Mouth for War" from their album Vulgar Display of Power which was released in 1992.

Name Level design Music
E2M1: Deimos Anomaly Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall I Sawed the Demons
E2M2: Containment Area Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall The Demons from Adrian's Pen
E2M3: Refinery Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall Intermission from DOOM
E2M4: Deimos Lab Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall They're Going to Get You
E2M5: Command Center Sandy Petersen Demons on the Prey
E2M6: Halls of the Damned Sandy Petersen Sinister
E2M7: Spawning Vats Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall Waltz of the Demons
E2M8: Tower of Babel Sandy Petersen Nobody Told Me About Id
E2M9: Fortress of Mystery Sandy Petersen (untitled)

Inferno[edit | edit source]

Name Level design Music
E3M1: Hell Keep Sandy Petersen (untitled)
E3M2: Slough of Despair Sandy Petersen Donna to the Rescue
E3M3: Pandemonium Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall Deep Into the Code
E3M4: House of Pain Sandy Petersen Sign of Evil
E3M5: Unholy Cathedral Sandy Petersen Demons on the Prey
E3M6: Mount Erebus Sandy Petersen On the Hunt
E3M7: Limbo Sandy Petersen/Tom Hall Waltz of the Demons
E3M8: Dis Sandy Petersen Facing the Spider
E3M9: Warrens Sandy Petersen Hiding the Secrets

Thy Flesh Consumed[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • E4M1 contains a representation of the Nine Inch Nails logo.
  • All the level names (except E4M9), and the episode title, are phrases taken directly from the KJV of the Bible. The list was compiled by Kevin Cloud, and John Romero assigned names to the individual levels.
  • E4M2 is the level of all those John Romero contributed to DOOM and DOOM II that took him the shortest time to finish; he started working on it at midnight and was done 6 AM.
Name Level design Music
E4M1: Hell Beneath American McGee Sign of Evil
E4M2: Perfect Hatred John Romero Donna to the Rescue
E4M3: Sever the Wicked Shawn Green Deep Into the Code
E4M4: Unruly Evil American McGee Suspense
E4M5: They Will Repent Tim Willits Waltz of the Demons
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly John Romero They're Going to Get You
E4M7: And Hell Followed John Anderson Sinister
E4M8: Unto The Cruel Shawn Green Demons on the Prey
E4M9: Fear Tim Willits Hiding the Secrets

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