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Eternal is an online Collectible Card Game developed by Dire Wolf Digital and went into Open Beta in 2016. The cards represent characters' struggles for The Eternal Throne.


In Eternal, one card is drawn each turn. Power cards are played to gain Power and Influence, which are required to play other cards. You can spend Power each turn to play cards, and it will refill at the start of your next turn. Some cards have influence requirements, and can only be played if their required amount of Influence is met.

  • Units can be played, and they attack and block.
  • Spells have varying one-time effects.
  • Relics attach to a player and grant continuous abilities.
  • Relic Weapons allow players to attack enemy units.


  • Fire: Fire is the faction of creation and destruction; most problems can be handled with quick and violent solutions.
  • Justice: Justice is the faction of order, both in civic harmony and brutal tyranny.
  • Primal: Primal is the faction of nature in both its savage fury and pristine beauty.
  • Time: Time is the faction of learning and discovery; knowledge is the key to true power.
  • Shadow: Shadow is the faction of ambition and instinct; the strong deserve to rule over the weak.

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