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Eternal Poison, released in Japan as Poison Pink (ポイズンピンク Poizun Pinku?), is a turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Flight-Plan for the PlayStation 2. The game is a dark fantasy RPG where the player must catch and collect demons called Majin, these monsters can then be used as fellow party members or taken back to the base for other customizations.[1] The game was released 11 November 2008 in North America as a two-disc set, which includes a soundtrack CD featuring selected tracks.[2]


Eternal Poison begins in the Kingdom of Valdia where the demonic realm of Besek has suddenly appeared. This realm is home to demons called the Majin who have captured Valdia's Princess. The King of Valdia then issues a decree for her rescue which brings upon numerous adventurers of dissimilar intentions, the story of game is told from multiple perspectives of five key parties as they journey their way through the realm of Besek to rescue the princess.


Leading Roles[]

Thage's Tale[]

  • Thage

Voiced by: Tara Platt

A mysterious girl with considerable powers. She has entered Besek in search of the Eternal Poison.
  • Raki

Voiced by: Michael McConnohie

A wise Majin and Thage’s servant. Among other Majin, he is known as Ranunculus the Silver Wolf.
  • Retica

Voiced by: Brianne Siddall

A young boy who enters Besek on a revenge mission. He is forced to join Thage's group against his will.

Olifen's Tale[]

  • Olifen

Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch

Olifen is the Commander of the Valdian Knights. He entered Besek in hopes of rescuing his betrothed, Princess Lenarshe.
  • Logue

Voiced by: Doug Erholtz

A knight and Olifen's childhood friend.
  • Levatte
A virtuous young priest. He is considered a likely candidate to become a Pope, one day, but his reason for coming to Besek might not be so noble.

Ashley's Tale[]

  • Ashley
A strong-willed Protector of the Faith from the Church of Valdia. She has entered Besek in search of her mentor, Master Leto.
  • Glynne
Ashley's childhood friend and a fellow Protector of the Faith.
  • Reyna
A Protector with an unknown past who was ordered to join Ashley's group. Earning Glynne's trust is not easy for her.


  • Valdus
King of Valdia. After the disappearance of his daughter, he has secluded himself in the royal chambers.
  • Lenarshe

Voiced by: Karen Strassman

The heir to the throne of Valdia, Shortly after engagement to Commander Olifen, she was kidnapped by Majin.
  • Duphaston

Voiced by: Sam Riegel

A charming, young count. He offers his assistance to anyone who ventures into Besek, but he may have some motives of his own...
  • Rondemion
A wandering mercenary. He shares his name with the Hero of Legend, who is said to have died while slaying the Majin named Morpheus.
  • Leto
A well-respected priest and Ashley's mentor. Leto and those loyal to him begun forming a new sect within the church of Valdia, seeking reforms. Recently, Leto has disappeared while investigating Besek.
  • Uzakori
An elder of the Koona tribe. He is the proprietor of the uzaporium, dedicated to selling the finest and most exotic wares money can buy.
  • Archaya
The mysterious owner of the Traviata house. She is very knowledgeable about the Majin and can help you extract and refine the creatures blood into more useful substance.
  • Iryth
The owner of the Libertine Pub, which is often bustling with information and hired adventures. She is famous for the challenging mini-games she crafts for her customers.


  • Alexei
Nicknamed the "Beast General". His two passions in life are food and fighting. And food.
  • Irina
An honorable knight of Valdia. She has a strong sense of duty and justice, and she has come to Besek to offer her protection to any who seek her out.
  • Ares
A thrillseeking mercenary, in search of danger and companions. Be warned though: Ares thirst for adventure makes it hard for her to in one place for too long...
  • Ossa,Toma,Pata
These fearsome members of the Koona tribe are as cuddly as they are deadly, and they are tired of Majin eating their brethren. Each is skilled in the use of different weaponry.
  • Stein
A dark priest. He is at times arrogant and cold-hearted, but he is very capable in the battlefield...provided you can tolerate him.
  • Velnor
A warrior from the Stag Domain, the natural enemy of Valdia. No one knows why he has come to Besek, but she be a trustworthy ally, nonetheless.
  • Vivian
Velnor's older sister. She takes her training very seriously and has climbed the ranks very quickly to become a top rank soldier of her homeland.


Review Site Score [3] B-
RPGFan [4] 84/100


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