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As famous classical composer Frederic Chopin lies on his deathbed his spirit explores a world that he believes to be entirely his dream. In this world, he meets a girl named Polka who is the same age that his younger sister, Emilia, was when she died. Polka, too, suffers from a terminal illness, one that grants her the power of magic. She sets off on a journey to the city of Forte to try to convince the officials there to halt the production of mineral powder, a healing powder that has greatly hampered the sales of her local village's floral powder. Frederic joins her on the journey and the two are soon joined by other concerned citizens, who soon discover a conspiracy much greater than they imagined. As they move forward, Frederic's certainty that the world around him is only a dream wavers, and he begins to search for a way to save the young girl who so reminds of Emilia.


The game's battle system uses a timer. Every character has some time to do actions. Later timer will count down while doing nothing. In battle shadows and light affect characters and enemies. Co-op features drop in/drop out.

The 360 version has downloadable content. PlayStation 3 version has added content including playable characters, dungeons, outfit changing, new scenes and music.


The story features an original soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba. It also integrates into the game a total of seven pieces composed by Frederic Chopin, as well as a vocal/piano (and later orchestral) theme "Heaven's Mirror," inspired by the music of Chopin and within game composed by the Frederic Chopin character featured in the game. The PlayStation 3 release includes three additional Chopin compositions, one of which is integrated into the main story of the game, and two available optionally by examining pianos found within the game.


PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
GameRankings 82.67% 79.80%
MobyRank 82 71

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