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The Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS) is an organization that rates video games released for PC and mobile devices in Japan. [1] It was originally formed by members of the Japanese adult game industry. It aims to promote a sense of ethical responsibility with respect to the production, distribution, and use of computer software.

The organization carries out the following activities:

  • Supporting bishoujo games
  • Combatting software piracy
  • Extending scholarships for students interested in becoming software designers
  • Recognizing good retailers (segregating games of different ratings, etc.)

Founded in 1992, the EOCS was the world's first major video game ratings organization, predating the ESRB in North America.

The EOCS screens and rates over 30,000 software titles every year. [2]

The EOCS organization's counterpart (that typically deals with consoles) is CERO, founded in 2002.

Ratings[ | ]

The EOCS has three levels of ratings for software:

Image Rating Restriction Status
EOCS-All General Suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Advisory
EOCS-R Restricted Suitable for ages 15 and above. Enforced
EOCS-18 18+ Suitable for ages 18 and above. Enforced

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