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Extra Innings (白熱プロ野球 ガンバリーグ, Hakunetsu Puro Yakyū Ganba Rīgu,? titled Hakunetsu Pro Yakyuu Ganba League in Japan) is a 1991 baseball game released for the Super NES. The game features 12 fictional teams composed of their own fictional players, drawn in an anime style. Players can also create two custom teams, the players of which can have their names and ratings edited any number of times. For the most part, the game adhered to realistic rules of baseball; it omitted some more complex strategies such as the double switch.

Extra Innings's controls were somewhat primitive, like many baseball games from its era. For example, unlike modern baseball games, rather than the player choosing one player to move independently, moving the D-Pad will move all players in the field in unison.

Like most baseball video and computer games, either one or two players can join in for simultaneous play.

Gameplay modes[]

Extra Innings features 4 different types of play within the game. Players can choose from these four options:

Player VS. Computer - Player chooses a team, (or creates and uses a Custom team), and plays a single game against the computer.

Player VS. Player - Both players choose a team, (or creates and uses 1 or both Custom teams), and play a single game.

All-Star - 2 player option where players choose between the two league divisions: The "All N" League, and The "ALL A" League. Players can pick and choose team members from their respective league teams and face-off in an All-Star division league game.

Pennant Race - Single player option where player chooses a home team, and 5 computer teams, to play for the pennant. Player can choose 10, 20, 30,... up to 130 games for the pennant season. Best overall season win average clinches the pennant.


Players can choose between the 12 regular teams, and the 2 custom teams during game play.

Teams are as listed in their league divisions:

All "N" League All "A" League
Surfers Bees
Valiants Triplets
Petros Rains
Metallics Condors
Stocks Bunkers
Winds Motors

Custom teams[]

Players can create 2 custom teams within the game. When creating a custom team, players can name all the members of the team. Players also have the ability to rearrange player ratings within the team. These stats control various team aspects such as hitting, pitching, speed, etc. Each of the two custom teams is alloted a certain number of points that can be alloted as the player chooses across the team's entire roster.

Custom teams can be played in all the gameplay areas except All-Star mode. In All-Star mode, only the regular pre-made teams can be used.


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