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The ever so extreme racing game, Extreme-G, was created by Probe Entertainment Limited and released in the late 1990s. It is well known for being fast. Like, Sonic fast. This is by far XG's defining feature.

As expected, tracks defy gravity and no architect could make them work. They make multiple loops, twists, drops, and shibopples. The vehicles themselves are remotely controlled by the pilots as stated in the manual.

Taking a hint from the success of Mario Kart 64, XG gives you weapons to avoid making the race standard fare. There are 12 weapons, and they're not Koopa shells. They're lasers, mines, bombs, grenades, things that could really hurt a person, so you'd better be careful. Also from Mario Kart, is an enclosed vehicular combat game mode: Battle Mode. There is no track, just an area, and the goal is to destroy each other (Up to 4 players) with weapons.

The game uses split-screen for multiplayer, but if you've only got 3 players, then player 1 gets an unfair advantage of having an entire half screen.

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