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F-Zero X is a high-speed racing released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998 which later becomes released for the Virtual Console in 2007. This game is set in the future, and home of the character Captain Falcon who later makes an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series.

F-Zero X itself is a sequel to the SNES game F-Zero. There are over two dozen tracks to race on, and over thirty futuristic cars to race in. The tracks twist and turn in arcs and loops at high speeds, while the cars can be customized & have their stats tweaked.

A typical race involves thirty cars on the track at once, as they skid and sideswipe each other, while the player must maneuver his/her way through without getting damaged too much. The player can drift around turns, or divert energy from his/her defense shields into a boost. The player can also drain enemy cars enemies or use a spin move to do some damage. There are no projectiles like a kart racer that players can use to easily get rid of competition.

The modes of play available are:

Practice - Here, the player can test out his/her car
GP Race - Race in Jack, Queen, King, Joker and X-Cup Grand Prix.
VS Battle - Players race each other in a Co-op Mode.
Death Race - The player and 29 other cars must try to destroy each other.

In Japan, a track editor was also released for the Nintendo 64DD, but it never made it to the west.

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