FIFA Manager 10

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FIFA Manager 10
Basic Information
Video Game
Bright Future
Electronic Arts
FIFA Manager
Business Simulation
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
FIFA Manager 10
Retail Minimum Specifications
1.30 GHz
1 GB
DirectX 9.0c-compatible
Graphics RAM
64 MB
Microsoft Windows DirectX
HDD Space
7.68 GB
DirectX 9.0c-compatible
Optical Drive
Retail Recommended Specifications
2 GB
European Union European Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
October 302009
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FIFA Manager 10 is the 2010 successor to the FIFA Manager series from EA's sports brand, EA Sports, following up FIFA Manager 09. FIFA Manager 10 was developed by Bright Future and published by EA Sports. When installed there will be two executable files: Single-player mode and the Multi-player mode that can be played online.[1] The game gives you the chance to control a wide range of features from discussing tactics with individual players to creating monster stadiums to house your fans. For the first time ever on the series, there is an online mode, as well as a superior 3D animation and a customization manager desktop.[2]

Bright Future have released a new update on June 2nd, specially for their 10th anniversary; the new update lets the players manage their national team through the FIFA World Cup 2010. The players can choose the national teams that they want in the tournament and they can choose the original squad or make up their own squad.

Leagues[edit | edit source]

Bold indicates the leagues are new to the game.

UEFA Leagues[edit | edit source]

AFC Leagues[edit | edit source]

OFC Leagues[edit | edit source]

CONCACAF Leagues[edit | edit source]

CONMEBOL Leagues[edit | edit source]

CAF Leagues[edit | edit source]

Reception[edit | edit source]

The latest in the FIFA Manager series has been heavily criticized for being released when multiple game issues were already known to Bright Future several weeks before publication (they promised a patch to fix game crashes over a week before the game was released), obliging many users who bought the game on the day of release to have to wait for the patch before they could play.

They have also been criticized for locking features that users were able to customize in previous versions, giving rise to accusations they are plagiarizing freeware enhancements (particularly 3D graphics) from fan made patches then passing the improvements off in subsequent releases of the game as their own. Bright Future deny this, claiming the locking was due to past problems players had with the game caused by fan patches.

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