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FIFA Street is a sports video game developed by Alex Shulmann and published by Electronic Arts. It is commentated by MC Harvey of the So Solid Crew.

FIFA Street is a spin-off of EA's FIFA series of football games, following the same formula as their other "Street" titles, NFL Street and NBA Street, by reducing the more complete version of the game into a simpler arcade style game.

FIFA Street focuses on flair, style and trickery, as opposed to what FIFA Football focuses on team play and tactics, reflecting the culture of freestyle football played in the streets and backlots across the world.

Using reputation and respect gained from playing 4-on-4 games with tricks and flair, the aim of FIFA Street is to build a team up of well-known and recognized players including Ronaldo and Ronaldinho to progress through street venues across the world.



By pressing L1 button R1 button Triangle button Directional Pad Up button Directional Pad Down button in that order, it is possible to unlock 32 club teams from around the world