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Not to be confused with Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is an action role-playing game developed and produced by Interplay for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Released on January 13, 2004, BoS was the fourth video game to be set in the Fallout universe and the first to be made for consoles. The game chronicles the adventures of an initiate in the fictional Brotherhood of Steel.


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Combat in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel follows one initiate in the Brotherhood on his or her first mission of finding Brotherhood paladins believed to be in the town of Carbon. After clearing a warehouse of radscorpions, the player is told to look in a crater outside the town. At the bottom, it is revealed that Carbon's mayor sold the city to raiders. A battle between the initiate and the mayor ensues.
After killing the mayor, the player returns to the town to find it under attack by raiders. The citizens, who are hiding in the recently cleared warehouse, ask the player to save them. This requires the player to purge the town of the bandits inside and kill the raider matron.
With the help of the Vault Dweller, the protagonist of Fallout, the player heads to the city of Los. There, he or she looks for mutants. The search leads to the Church of the Lost, a cult based inside the city. A Brotherhood paladin, Rhombus, asks the player to kill the cult leader, Blake. Blake and the player fight, and, after recovering a key from the dead cult leader, the player escorts Rhombus to a church, where Rhombus is killed by ghouls seconds after handing the player a key card. The player then finds a hidden vault containing the remains of the mutant army. During a battle with Attis, the mutant general, the player is knocked unconscious and left for dead. With help from the human residents of the vault, the initiate is revived and enters the ruins of the vault in a search for Attis. When the two meet again, Attis has mutated into a blob. The player fights through the blob in order to gain access to a computer terminal that can start the decontaminating of the vault. The initiate must then sprint to a monorail car in order to escape the self-destructing facility.


The action in BoS takes place in one location at a time; a player can not return to previously visited locations, and not visit new ones until the storyline advances. There are 50 separate maps, or zones, of varying size, in BoS.

Character-specific Skills[]

There are three categories of skills that are usable only by specific playable characters

Playable characters[]

The player chooses one of up to six playable characters to control as the PC. There are no party members. The last three unlockable characters on the following list each become available to control after the player completes a chapter in the game.


Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 was also planned, but was canceled because of the poor sales of the first game.

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