Family Computer

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Family Computer
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Basic Information
Home Console
Color TV Game
Super Famicom
SG-1000 Mark III
19.23 million
Super Mario Bros.
Technical Information
A/V Family Computer
Family Computer Cartridge
Japan Japanese Release
Family Computer
July 151983
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The Family Computer (often shortened to the Famicom) was the first ever console released by Nintendo. The console had two hard-wired controllers which could be stored in compartments on the sides of the unit for use with two-player games. The system was modified slightly, and released as the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and Europe; changes included larger cartridges, detachable controllers and support for A/V cables. The Family Computer was later re-released as the A/V Family Computer with these modifications.

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Technical Specifications[edit | edit source]

Technical Specifications
Save Functionality Battery Backup
Input 2 Built-In Family Computer Controllers, Family Computer Cartridge Input, Power Switch, Reset Switch, Cartridge Eject Lever, Expansion Slot
Output RF Output, Power Output

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