Fandom (founded as Wikicities in 2004, previously known as Wikia, and previously stylized as FANDOM powered by Wikia) is a social media company owned by Fandom, Inc., and based in San Francisco, California. The company specializes in wiki hosting and generating fan-produced content, with previous operations including fan-generated walkthroughs and fan exposure to new video games.

While the majority of Fandom's wikis were created on the initial platform, several wikis have been acquired since the company's foundation, including ArmchairGM, Gameinfo, Memory Alpha, and Uncyclopedia.

In 2018, Fandom acquired Curse Media LLC from This acquisition included the Gamepedia wiki farm (including wikis such as Wowpedia and Telarapedia) and several websites (most notably D&D Beyond), but did not include Curseforge, which is now currently maintained by Overwolf.

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