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Fei Long


Game series Street Fighter
First appearance Super Street Fighter II
Nationality: China
Species: Human
Height: 5'7½" (172 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (60 kg)
Gender: Male
Blood type: O
Birth date: April 23, 1969
Birthplace: Hong Kong, China
Likes: Kung Fu, self-assertiveness
Dislikes: Lethargy, apathy, indifference, lacking emotion, faithless people, Shadaloo, S.I.N.
Fighting style: Kung Fu


Skill(s): Performs all his own stunts
Voice actor(s): Paul Dobson (Street Fighter animated series)

Bryan Cranston (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie)

Peter Doyle (Street Fighter II V (Animaze dub))

Matthew Mercer (Street Fighter IV)

Fei Long (フェイロン Fei Ron, Traditional Chinese: 飛龍) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Super Street Fighter II. He is an action film star from Hong Kong who enter tournaments to test his skill as a martial artist.



Fei-Long is Capcom's tribute to the Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do movie legend Bruce Lee, the basis for his design. Not only do the two look alike and come from the same city, Fei-Long also lets out similar battle cries to Lee, and is just as furious and fast. Also, Fei Long (飛龍) is Chinese for "flying dragon", as well as a type of kick. Bruce Lee's Chinese screen name was 李小龍 (Lei Siu Long) or "little dragon".

He was one of the early Bruce Lee inspired characters in fighting games, after Kim Dragon from World Heroes and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, but predating Hon Fu from Fatal Fury, Marshall Law and his son Forest Law from the Tekken series (additionally, in Street Fighter X Tekken, some characters even mistake Marshall Law for Fei Long in their win quotes).

Other notable Bruce Lee-based characters include Li Long and Maxi from the Soul series, Jann Lee from the Dead or Alive series and Long from Xuan Dou Zhi Wang. He also bears a notable resemblance to Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series.

Interestingly, compared to most other known Bruce Lee-based fighting game characters, Fei Long's story and background arguably matches Lee's the closest. There are still a few differences; Bruce Lee lived in the USA as an adult and had an American wife, whereas Fei Long has no apparent connection to the USA and is not married or not in a relationship. Also, although he is seen using them in one of his Super Street Fighter II win poses and on some of his artworks, Fei Long, unlike Bruce Lee, never actually uses the nunchuck as weapon or a special move in any of the Street Fighter games, cartoons or movies.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Fei Long's story plot is related to Robert Clouse's Game of Death, which included Bruce Lee (only for the finale fight scenes though). The plot is similar because they both have a syndicate trying to make the main character join them.

In his ending for Super Street Fighter II, he directly references Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee when he says "There can never be another legend like the great one and his son" (this reference is not present in the Japanese version). Also, Bruce Lee's statue can be seen when the students are training.


Fei Long is very serious most of the time with a calm exterior. The best example of this is in his rival fight against Abel, where he is shown to be in a normal mood at first, but all of a sudden loses his temper just as the Frenchman asks him for a fight twice. He is full of fighting spirit and takes great pride in his fighting style Hitenryu, which he seeks to honor in all ways possible. He also despises all that is evil.

Fei Long also enjoys a good match; although he is a famous martial arts movie actor, he still takes his time to appear at underground fighting areas to find a worthy opponent to spar with (which can be seen in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie). There are also times when Fei Long is shown to be a little cocky; this can be seen by many of his personal actions and also win quotes against certain characters.

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