Final Fantasy III (2006)

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Final Fantasy III
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Basic Information
Video Game
Square Enix
Square Enix
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy
Nintendo DS Game Card
Nintendo DS
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Final Fantasy III (2006)Final Fantasy III (2006)Final Fantasy III (2006)
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CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Nintendo DS
November 142006
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Nintendo DS
August 242006
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Characters[edit | edit source]

The Family Computer version of this game had four unnamed onion knights as the protagonists. In this version, they were given names and backstories, and there is one female in place of a male. The list of characters in this game are as follows:

Luneth in freelancer gear
Luneth is the first playable character in the game, from the small village of Ur, he is a strong person, and curious by nature. He is also an orphan. He is friends with Arc.
Arc in freelancer gear
Arc is the second character to join your party. He is also an orphan from Ur, he is studious and inquisitive by nature, but weak and never one for fighting. He is friends with Luneth.
Refia in freelancer gear
Refia is the only female character in your party. She is the adopted daughter of a blacksmith in Kazus town, but runs away from home because she doesn't wish to follow in her 'father's' footsteps. She is strong-willed, and for some time unable to enter the village of Kazus.
Ingus in freelancer gear
Ingus is a loyal knight of Castle Sasune, ruled by King Sasune. He is the faithful servant of the princess Lady Sara. He, like Refia, escapes the curse that befalls the castle by not being there at the time of casting.
Cid, as keeping in tradition with the Cids from various games of the Final Fantasy series, owns an airship. It is from Cid that you acquire an airship.