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In 2013, Final Fantasy VII was released on Microsoft Windows via Steam and Square Enix's website. This was another release of the original Microsoft Windows port, with several improvements and fixes made in subsequent months, most notably the audio; instead of MIDI-quality audio, the game was eventually patched with CD-grade audio on par with the original PlayStation release. This port also included a Character Booster, that must be accessed via the Square Enix website. This modifies the save files to patch the in-party characters to maximum HP and MP, and sets the party's Gil to 49,999,999. This modification is irreversible once made to the save file.

On December 5, 2014, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Port[]

The version of Final Fantasy VII released for the PlayStation 4 was a port of the updated PC version available via Steam and Square Enix's website, but with Trophy support (with objectives different than the achievements offered on PC). This edition of the game was also bundled with the Final Fantasy VII - Midgar Custom Theme for the PlayStation 4's dashboard. The controls on the PlayStation 4 version do not use the Circle button Button to confirm, or the X button Button to cancel as the original release did in Europe and North America, but rather the reverse (X button to confirm, Circle button to cancel), which mirrors the control system used on later Final Fantasy titles released in those regions. The left Analog Stick is also able to be used for movement, and it is able to handle both walking and running with appropriate force applied. The D-Pad is functional for both combat and moving the characters, but the character is limited to walking using it unless coupled with the Circle button Button.

The PlayStation 4 port also has built-in cheats; pressing L3 button speeds up the game to three times normal speed (which can be enabled and disabled whenever the player chooses), and pressing R3 button sets HP and MP to infinite, and allows Limit Breaks to be used an infinite amount of times. Pressing L3 button and R3 button together disables random encounters completely.

Bug and Limitations[]

The PlayStation 4 port carries with it the same flaws as the PC version it was based on; namely, the frame rate is limited, which can give the appearance of "clunky" character movement in combat. It also makes using Tifa's slot-reel limit breaks potentially more difficult, as the player has to factor in the screen lag when making a decision. On January 1, 2016, a major bug was discovered when players attempted to ride the roller coaster attraction at the Speed Square in the Gold Saucer; the game would not progress beyond the UFO encounter on that ride, meaning that the game needed to be reset, losing all progress if the player hadn't saved beforehand. The bug could be temporarily fixed by setting the PlayStation 4's internal clock to a date before January 1, 2016. On January 22, 2016, a patch to version 1.01 was released to patch existing installs, fixing the bug.

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