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Final Fight Revenge is an American made 3D head-to-head fighting game released in 1999 as a coin-operated arcade game for the Sega ST-V hardware. This is the only sequel of Final Fight released in the arcades. A home version for the Sega Saturn was released in Japan on March 30, 2000, which was the last Capcom game officially released for the platform.[1] The game is a sequel developed by the same team that later produced Maximo and Final Fight: Streetwise. The home version was released only in Japan. However, the game can be displayed in English if the Sega Saturn's internal language is set to English.


Final Fight Revenge features a control configuration of an eight directional joystick and five action buttons: four attack buttons (two punch buttons and two kick buttons) and a fifth "special" button. The special button serves two functions in the game The first function allows players to side-step into the foreground or background by holding special and pressing up or down.

The special button is also used to pick up weapons or health-recovering items lying on the ground. When the player is near a retrievable item or weapon, a green arrow will appear over the item to alert the player of its presence. There are two types of weapons in this game: melee weapons such as knives and lead pipes; or firearms such as flamethrowers and machine guns. The player can pick and store up to three weapons in their inventory at once and switch between them. The player can also throw a currently equipped weapon to their opponent.

As with most Capcom fighting games, each character has their own set of grappling moves and command-based Special Moves, as Super Moves that can only be performed by filling the Super Move gauge. The player can stock up to three full Super Move gauges. When a player finish off an opponent with certain Super Moves, then a special finishing sequence will be shown to the player.


The setting of Final Fight Revenge takes place between the original Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha 3. The Mad Gear gang, wishing to reestablish themselves as a force of menace in Metro City, is looking to rebuild itself.

Final Fight Revenge features the three heroes of the original Final Fight: Cody, Guy, and Haggar, as well as seven Mad Gear members from the same game: El Gado, Poison, Andore, Damnd, Sodom, Edi E., and Rolento. Cody, Guy, Sodom, and Rolento were previously featured in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series and some of them used the same special moves they had in the Alpha series for Revenge.

The single-player mode consist of six computer-controlled opponents and a final match against a zombiefied version of Belger, the final boss from the original Final Fight. This is followed by a character-specific ending and a closing credit sequence showing a dancing Zombie Belger. The Zombie Belger is not a playable character in the game.

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  • Final Fight Revenge is a game made by an American team from Capcom but was never released in North America(Only in Japan).
  • A Sega Dreamcast version of this game was in development but was never released.

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