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Fiolina Germi

Fio in Maximum Impact 2.

Game series Metal Slug series

The King of Fighters series

First appearance Metal Slug 2
Alias: Fio
Japanese name: フィオリーナ・ジェルミ
Occupation: Soldier
Nationality: Italy
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Gender: Female
Blood type: O
Birth date: October 2, 2008
Birthplace: Genova,Italy
Likes: Peppino,her teddy bear,baking cake
Dislikes: Hot drinks,Hot baths
Hobbies: Cooking embroidery
Family: Father, Alessandro Germi
Power: None
Fighting style: Military Fighting Arts
Weapon(s): Several Firearms,explosives,a combat knife;hand axe and tonfa(Maximum Impact 2)
Skill(s): Chiropratic,house keeping and social dance
Voice actor(s): Ryoko Nanako(JP)
Melissa Ex(EN)

Fiolina Germi is a character from Metal Slug series.She also appears in another SNK game,KOF: Maximum Impact 2.


The Germi family is widely known for their wealth and service in the military. The Germis were originally merchants who made their fortune in the Mediterranean region during the age of exploration, and still remain wealthy through their management of various corporations. They also have distinguished their role in the military in the past, first in the Napoleonic War in 1800s, then the Italian Unification Wars in the 1900s, and other various modern-day wars plagued with terrorism around the world. Many of the Germis who fought in the wars lost their lives, and it soon became a necessary custom for the chosen heir of the Germi family to serve in the military.

Fio's father, Alesandro Germi, was once a fearsome soldier during his earlier years. His body bore the scars from wounds to prove that he had seen his share of blood out on the battlefield. After he returned to his civilian life, he skillfully restored the failing family business, marking him as the savior of the Germi family.

Despite Alesandro's dire wish to give birth to a healthy son, he was surprised to find out that his wife had given birth to a daughter, and the fact that his wife could not give any further birth due to health complications.

He did not want to send his only child off to battlefield risking her life, and yet he couldn't ignore the Germi's military customs, either. So he ends up sending his daughter off to the military at the age of 20, but tries to keep her from going out into battles by assigning her to desk jobs using his connections and friends made during his stay in the military. However, all that came to a screeching halt when a paperwork mistake caused by ridiculous bureaucracy in the military had gotten Fio transferred to the Sparrows unit, a special operations branch of the Regular Army's Intelligence Agency that frequently carried out much more dangerous tasks than almost any other units in the military. Furious, Allesandro often waltz into military headquarters to keep his daughter from being shipped to the front by threatening the officers. And in the event that Fio did get sent out, he would use his own private jet to extract her out of the battlefield. People around him began to stop what he was doing, preserving the Germi family's historical service in the military, and thus preserving the entire Germi family line.

Fortunately, Fio manages to survive the battles that she fought in by keeping her head low, including several of the battles that occurred during Morden's attempts for world domination, and rapidly climbs up through the ranks.


A clever girl, Fio is also very friendly in spite of her family's background. Strangely, she still remains calm, mild, and childlike even with her extensive military experience. She always thinks optimistically.

Fighting Style[]

She was trained in hand-to-hand combat by the military, but she doesn't quite know how to fight. In KOF: Maximum Impact 2, she excels in keep away tactics with her short yet simple combos. She can use a gauge of her super bar to also whip out twin tonfa to boost her attack damage. Fio is also armed with a hand axe, fire bombs, grenades, and two heavy machine guns.

Voice Actors[]

  • Kanako Morikado - The King of Fighters '99 Evolution and 2000
  • Ryoko Nakano (credited as Aikel) - KOF: Maximum Impact 2
  • Melissa Ex - KOF: Maximum Impact 2 (English voice), Metal Slug 3D

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