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The second floor of Flipside.
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Paper Mario
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Super Paper Mario

Flipside is the predominant location in Super Paper Mario. Tippi introduced Mario to Merlon when they moved to Flipside.


The Ancients built the interdimensional town. Flipside and its correlative, Flopside contains four Heart Pillars with a total of eight pillars. While The Void slowly becomes larger, The Four Heroes of Light collect the eight Pure Hearts in different worlds outside Flipside.


Tippi flipped Mario from Bowser's Castle to Flipside at the Flipside Tower and met Merlon, a descendant of the Ancients who created Flipside.[1] Tippi introduces Mario to Merlon. Merlon summoned a red Pure Heart assumed Mario to be one of the heroes of the Light Prognosticus, Mario agreed to help with his quest. Mario and Tippi finds the first Heart Pillar to place the Pure Heart on the third floor of Flipside. Mario and Tippi return to the Flipside Tower to go to Lineland Road.

After receiving the second Pure Heart, Tippi and Mario visits Merlon's house. Skeet panicks to Merlon about a "girl" that "fell from the sky". Mario, Tippi and Merlon rushed to the third floor of Flipside to see unconscious Peach. Merlon was unfamiliar to Peach, Mario told him her name. Merlon instructed Mario to go to Saffron for the Spicy Soup and revive her immediately. Mario arrives at Sweet Smiles. Saffron was alarmed to hear that she is "out of cold". Saffron tells Mario to give the Fire Burst for her to create the Spicy Soup.


  1. "My name? Merlon! I am a descendant of the Ancients who created this town."Merlon, Super Paper Mario