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Basic Information

Food is a common resource and health recovery item in video games. In some strategy video games, like Age of Empires and Deadlock: Planetary Conquest, it often appears as a resourse collected to feed the player's units.

Age of Empires and Age of Mythology[]

In order to train units and advance through the ages, food is usually needed.

Ways to get Food[]

1. Hunt Animals: Animals are a good source of food, the only disadvantage being that they are scattered all over the map. Some animals run away from units. Some attack units. Some animals cannot be hunted (Birds, turtles).Note that in AoE, the food content of an animal deteriorates over time.

2. Gather/forage from berry bushes. There are usually not many forage bushes on the map.

3. Farm: And get food. In AoEIII and AoC, the farms are unlimited.In Aoe, farms must be built by villagers, if not already provided in the scenario, and contain a limited quantity of food.

4. Markets: You can trade gold for food.In AoE, markets are the prerequisites of farms (see above).

5. Fishing: Fishing boats, caravels, and sometimes villagers can usually gather fish if there is a significant amount of water on the map.

6. Fish traps: similar to farms built by fishing boats

Cheats to get Food[]