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Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster is a graphic adventure computer game that stars Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenstein, and has the player controlling the newly created Frankenstein monster. The game was developed by Amazing Media and published by Interplay Entertainment Corp for the PC in 1996 and for the Sega Saturn in 1997. The game was given a "Teen" rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board but was originally rated as K-A.


The first-person perspective adventure game with full motion video clips and 3D CGI graphics similar to Myst. You control a man who was hanged for a crime that he did not commit and awakens to find out that he has become a monster, created by the mad scientist named Dr. Frankenstein. As the monster, you must wander through Dr. Frankenstein's castle in order to solve various puzzles. The game starts with your character, Phillip Werren, waking up in a laboratory, with Dr. Frankenstein standing over him. Throughout the game, the player will meet various friends and enemies. There are several situations in the game where the player's actions will decide the fate of a certain character.


As with many games of the 1990s, Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster features live acting integrated into the game's graphics. Among other actors, the game features Tim Curry as Doctor Frankenstein.


They mention the name of a scientist Nikola Tesla but refer to him as a Russian scientist, while the truth is that he is a Serbian from Croatia.

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