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Eats flies, uses tongue in combat.

A playable character from the game Chrono Trigger. Frog is, as you can tell from his picture, a frog man. This is the result of a curse. He bears no relation to Slippy Toad of the Star Fox games. Frog comes from 600 AD and wields a broad sword. He is given the ability to use Water magic, which includes a healing move.


Frog, once known as Glenn, was the best friend of Cyrus the Knight. Cyrus was a famous warrior, and a hero to all. One day, Cyrus & Glenn went after Magus, Ozzy and Flea. In the resulting battle, Cyrus was killed, and Glenn was cursed. He fell down a cliff after being hit with a spell, and when he awoke, he found himself at a river with the humanoid frog body. He went into seclusion, abandoning the Hero Medal he had, although still loyal to Princess Nadia. It is not until Crono and his party convince him to come with them that Frog gets out of hiding. He obtains the legendary sword Masamune and uses it to slice open an entrance to Magus' castle.

Old English?[]

In the North American version of Chrono Trigger, Frog/Glenn speaks in an Old English accent throughout the game. This is odd, however, because no one else in his time period speaks with any accent whatsoever. In the Japanese version he speaks with no accent either. It seems as though when the game was localized for North America, the translators must have decided that because he comes from the "Middle Ages" to make him speak Old English. Oddly enough they didn't go through and make all the NPC's and change their speech also, making Frog/Glenn the only Old English speaking character in Chrono Trigger!