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Frog City Software was a computer game developing company which focused on strategy games, opened in 1995. Frog City Software was a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive until they closed it in 2006.

The company was founded by the brothers Bill Spieth and Ted Spieth and by Rachel Bernstein.[1][2]

In 2004 Frog City was bought by Gathering, which was itself bought by Take 2 Interactive in 2005.[3]

Frog City was shut down in 2006; it was the fourth game development studio to be shut down by Take-Two Interactive during that year.[4] In April of that year, veterans of Frog City including the founders Ted Spieth, Bill Spieth and Rachel Bernstein[5] started a new game development studio called Sidecar Studios.[6]

In 2007 Bernstein joined Electronic Arts as a Senior Producer.

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